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Ron Paul to keynote conference whose speakers include racists and conspiracy theorists

Ron Paul to keynote conference whose speakers include racists and conspiracy theorists

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Next month, Ron Paul is due to be the keynote speaker at a conference that can charitably be described as a cesspool of hate.  The Fatima: The Path to Peace conference is being held in Niagara Falls, Ontario--just across the border from Buffalo.  According to Talk2Action's Rachel Tabachnick, even for a guy with a history of hanging around extremists, this is pretty revealing.
Paul is accustomed to sharing the stage with conspiracy theorists - John Birchers, Christian Reconstructionists, and Neoconfederates - but this time it's the international summit of a radical Catholic traditionalist organization. The Fatima Crusaders not only reject the reforms of Vatican II, but also teach that the Vatican is in collusion with the United Nations to form a one-world government.
The Fatima Crusaders believe that God will use Russia to punish the entire world unless Russia is converted to Catholicism.  They take their name from an appearance of the Virgin Mary to three Portuguese children in 1917. The speaker list is chock full of extremists of various shades.  The most revealing one, though, is Roberto Fiore, the leader of Forza Nuova, an Italian neofascist party.  Talk2Action's Bruce Wilson dug up a 2008 video showing Fiore ranting in Budapest against Jews and gays.  Among some of the other extremists due to speak there are a guy who believes Jewish masons are invading the Catholic church and a Euro-MP who claimed the Norwegian massacre of two years ago was due to a "multi-racial society."  The Fatima Center has also frequently put out anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic literature, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
It's amazing that so many people--including some on the left--consider Paul a hero, despite his long history of lying in bed with kooks and racists.  Well, this conference says a lot about the real Ron Paul.
As a side note, one of the speakers is Roméo Dallaire, the leader of the UN peacekeeping force during the Rwandan genocide and now a Canadian senator.  This is alarming to say the least.  Fatima portrays itself as an organization dedicated to world peace, and it's inconceivable Dallaire would have lent his name to this conference if he knew their true extremist agenda.

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