Thursday, October 17, 2013

Watch Veterans Scold Sarah Palin: ‘Republicans Closed the Gov’t!’, ‘You’re an Idiot!’

Watch Veterans Scold Sarah Palin: ‘Republicans Closed the Gov’t!’, ‘You’re an Idiot!’

 by Omar Rivero

Sarah Palin thought she had struck gold when the opportunity presented itself to shamelessly hijack a Veterans protest at the World War II Memorial in Washington DC this week in order to further her own political aspirations.
Unfortunately for her, these veterans did not take kindly to having their protest co-opted by a failed presidential candidate and quitter who gave up her post as Governor of Alaska in order to take a multimillion dollar deal with FOXNews.
Just as she was in the middle of cynically rewriting history by claiming that it is the President Obama and Democratic Party, and not the intransigent  Tea Party House Republicans, who are using our veterans and military as “pawns’ and are responsible for the reckless shutdown of The People’s Government which led to the closing up the World War II Veterans Memorial in D.C., one Veteran correctly shouted, “Republicans closed the government!”, followed by another Veteran appropriately scolding her, “You’re an idiot!”
They couldn’t be more right. One has to wonder if Palin is aware of just how badly she is projecting her cynical pandering to Veterans on President Obama.
She complains about Democrats using Veterans for political gain as she makes a political speech at war memorial in order to make a political gain. Fortunately, these Veterans did not let her get away with it.
Please watch the video of the exchange below and spread Sarah Palin and the Republican Party’s shame on social media forums so that we can amplify these brave Veterans’ message.


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  1. Sarah Palin is an idiot who has become a whore. She is bought and paid for by the same people who finance the Tea Party.