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Governor Scott Walker Discusses 2014 Mid-Term Elections on NBC’s Meet the Press

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Governor Scott Walker Discusses 2014 Mid-Term Elections on NBC’s Meet the Press

Governor Scott Walker Discusses 2014 Mid-Term Elections on NBC’s Meet the Press
WASHINGTON, DC – Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) discussed about ObamaCare and its impacts on the 2014 mid-term elections on Sunday during NBC’s Meet the Press with David Gregory.
When asked by Gregory how ObamaCare will impact the 2014 elections, Walker said: “The facts show its anything but affordable in this state.”  The Governor mentioned a report from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that was released on the same day of his interview showing that small businesses are rushing during the month of December renew policies in order to avoid steep increases in premiums that could range from twenty to sixty percent.  “Small businesses said they wanted access to affordable health care,” said the Governor.
David Gregory also asked Governor Walker about his take on the potential Republican field for the 2016 Republican presidential candidates.  “Whether if it is Chris (Christie), Bobby Jindal, Susanna Martinez, John Kasich, or Nikki Haley I think at the end there are some pretty good outspoken people who want to get things done.  That’s want people want.  They want candor whether if its with a Midwestern filter or not, they want someone who can get things done.  This is what you can get from Republican Governors.”
At the beginning of the interview, Governor Walker was asked by David Gregory for his take regarding the recent federal budget deal struck by Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin-1st District) and Senator Patty Murray (D-Washington State).   When asked if the budget idea is good, Walker said: “I think its good go forward, but we have to reinforce races why races like Louisiana, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Alaska and others are so important.  If you want to bring conservative activists to the table they have to see to what it is.  It is a wake-up call for Republicans, particularly grassroots activists who want a stronger budget, that we need help in the United State Senate.”
This is the second appearance that Governor Walker has made on the longest running Sunday talk show in the United States.   His other appearance came on February 27, 2011, during the height of protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol over changes to collective bargaining by public-sector labor unions.

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