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The 50 Worst Places To Get Your News And Information

The 50 Worst Places To Get Your News And Information

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So how’s your summer going? If you have been listening to the news cycle, you would think it was alot closer to Halloween, perhaps hoping against hope for April Fool’s or War of The Worlds. But no. The scary talk just keeps coming. Benghazi, drones, the IRS, Snowden, and NSA, are being name dropped more often then Kanye mentions Kim.

The creepiest part is the glee with which Fox and Friends spews their balanced fare. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Each Rovian sculpted phrase is ripped off the word-of-the-day faked white papers popping out of Crossroads and broadcast with extra drooly zeal. While there are liberal talk shows and blogs aplenty, the conservative claim that the entire media has a bias favoring liberals is just another piece of misinformation from their exclusive line of facts.
50 of the worst places you could go to get your news & information:
1. Fox News
2. The Rush Limbaugh Show
4. Savage Nation w/ Michael Savage
5. Alex Jones’ Info Wars
(Brews, 2010)
6. The Heritage Foundation
7. The Wall Street Journal Op-Ed
8. The Neal Boortz Radio Show
9. Sean Hannity
10. Bill O’Reilly
12. National Review

(Home Brand, 2013)
13. The Mark Levin Show
14. The Weekly Standard
15. Washington Times
16. The American Conservative
17. The Drudge Report
18. The Cato Institute

(Then & There, 1979)
19. Media Research Center
21. Red State
22. Andew Breitbart’s Big Government
24. Christian Coalition

It’s Not A Tea Party Without White Tea
(Johnson, 2013)
25. The John Birch Society
26. Citizens United
27. Freedom Works
28. Tea Party Express
29. Tea Party Patriots
30. The Herman Cain Show
31. News Busters

(, 2010)
32. News Max
33. The New York Post
34. Conservative HQ
35. Sirius radio “Patriot”

(Facebook, 2013)
36. Conservative American News
37. Conservative Daily News
38. Judicial Watch
39. The Source Daily
40. Republican National Committee
41. American Spectator
42. Reason Magazine
43. Freedom Rings Radio hosted by Kenneth John

Tempest In A Teapot
(Developer, 2013)
44. Conservapedia
45. The Right Side of the Web
46. CNS News
47. Michael Reagan
48. Family Research Council
49. Conservative Underground
50. The Hugh Hewitt Show
So if you didn’t know, now you know. You can’t tell the players without a program, and you can’t fight misinformation, if you can’t track down its source. What are your favorite, or least favorite, news sources?
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