Monday, December 16, 2013

Walker Sticks it to Taxpayers to Boost His Faux Noooze Credentials

Walker Sticks it to Taxpayers to Boost His Faux Noooze Credentials

Those cheesehead morons will never figure-out how
I screwed them all until after I leave the state and

become PRESIDENT!  Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!
We know that Gov. Scott Walker does not work for the State of Wisconsin, having told his largest in-state billionaire donor, Diane Hendricks, a Wisconsin billionaire who is his largest campaign donor and who paid no state taxes in 2010, that he intended to "flip" Wisconsin "red" by using "divide and conquer" (video HERE).

Walker works for out-of-state multinational corporate interests and the right-wing media echo chamber that fraudulently parades him around as a working-class hero.   Scott Walker is not a reformer and is not a political outsider.  Scott Walker is about himself, his political ambitions, and multinational corporate interests that underwrite his campaigns & legal defense fund.  Scott Walker grabs headlines, talks on the bobble-head TEE-VEE circuit, and earns praise from the racist right-wing extremists at FOX News.

Citizens of Wisconsin, to Scott Walker, are merely pawns and rubes to exploit (more HERE) -- but make no mistake about it -- when Walker leaves office, taxpayers are going to get stuck with massive bills.  Walker's current budget, despite the propaganda published by Jason Stein, Journal Communications, and the rest of Wisconsin's media echo-chamber, is massively unbalanced and creates record levels of debt & debt-servicing costs; but sticking it to taxpayers is what Scott Walker does best. 

Wisconsin's economy is in shambles.  Will in-state media tell the truth?   Scott Walker's record of abysmal failure in the Badger State should disqualify him from being a contender for President of the United States.  Will the national media tell the truth?

And while the media has been fraudulently hoisting Walker into the spotlight as an "expert" on health care reform, behind all the media hype and propaganda, Walker is setting up yet another billion dollar financial train-wreck.

Scott Walker and the media are telling whopper lies again -- this time about health care expansion in Wisconsin.  Despite media reports to the contrary, Walker entirely undermines the Affordable Care Act -- blowing holes in state budget to the tune of more than one billion dollars while ensuring fewer Badger State citizens have access to health care (39 pg. pdf).

Not only will Wisconsin taxpayers be in the hook for at least an additional billion dollars under Scott Walker's plan, but everyone in the state that pays for health insurance will see shockingly higher premiums -- but don't expect the pro-Walker media echo-chamber to tell you.  A recent report finds (full report, 9 page .pdf, HERE):
Wisconsin health insurance exchange premiums for single coverage will be on average 79% to 99% higher than premiums in Minnesota, before tax credits are applied. That is a difference of over $1,800 a year.
Exploiting taxpayers and rate payers isn't enough for Walker and his cohorts -- he want to deny health care to citizens too.  Scott Walker is kicking more people off health-care rolls than any other state in the nation and Walker & the Wisconsin media echo-chamber are lying about it.

Walker will make it impossible for people near the poverty line to access health care because they won't be able to afford private health insurance that requires individuals to pay for annual deductibles and other cost-sharing expenses.  It is a bold-faced lie to say those near poverty will simply move to the exchanges.

The exchange plans were not set up for the economically disadvantaged and people that are Medicaid-eligible. The exchanges were created for middle-class people who can afford premiums, deductibles, and co-pays.  Walker's plans leave those marginally above the poverty line and many working families behind.    Representative Gwen More (D-Milwaukee) sums it up:
[...] the governor has decided that rather than expanding eligibility under BadgerCare to all adults under 133 percent of the federal poverty line, and receiving full federal support, he will instead be making major changes to the program and eliminating BadgerCare coverage for thousands and thousands of people. Under the governor's plan, the current income eligibility level for parents and caregivers will be sliced in half, while childless adults below the poverty line will gain access to coverage. This means that approximately 90,000 Wisconsinites will be losing their existing Medicaid coverage. 
Walker's policies kill -- not having access to timely healthcare is deadly -- some will die quickly, some die slowly.  Scott Walker's policies not only kill, they cost taxpayers and health insurance premium payers more -- over time billions of dollars more.

Walker is COSTING Wisconsin taxpayer more than one billion of dollars and forcing health insurance rate payers to pay up to 99% more for coverage, while embracing deadly political theater.  In Iowa, where Rick "Man-On-Dog" "Frothy Mixture" Santorum is kickin' Walker's tail in caucus polls, Cornhuskers are expanding Medicaid health care and saving taxpayers hundreds of millions.

The difference between costing taxpayers & ratepayers billions of dollars and saving taxpayers and insurance premium payers hundreds of millions of dollars is astronomical, but these costs are not going to be born by Scott Walker personally, nor his multinational corporate backers.  They is going to leverage this fiscal disaster to catapult him onto the national stage.

Walker's decision to undermine ACA while sticking it to the taxpayers & ratepayers does not serve Wisconsin citizens in any way, but it does allow the national right-wing media echo-chamber to prop-Walker up, falsely proclaiming him to be a populist reformer and "frontrunner" for GOP's presidential candidate in 2016.

Scott Walker wants to boast & pontificate on Fox and the rest of the right-wing bobble-head TEE-VEE circuit.  Just like cover and misrepresent Walker's failures managing Wisconsin's economy, the media is heralding Walker's "achievements" undermining health care reform, screwing taxpayers & premium payers and killing economically disadvantaged citizens with an "upside-down-world" fairytale that misrepresents Scott Walker as a fiscal conservative & working-class hero.

Nothing could be further from the truth -- but truth doesn't matter to right-wing media.  Instead, they catapult Walker's lies across the nations while Wisconsin citizens get fleeced.

Just like his cousin, George WALKER Bush, Scott Walker is cratering the economy and creating a budget crisis that the next governor will have to clean-up. But Walker's ACA/Medicaid scam is not only going to cost the State of Wisconsin more than one billion dollars, but it is going to kill people too.

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