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It was 1985, the peak of the Reagan era, and greed ran rampant on Wall Street. But a small band of idealists refused to buy in, or sell out. Instead, we pursued an American dream of our own—to build a business that works for progressive social change. We launched Working Assets with credit cards in the ’80s, added long-distance phone service in the ’90s and mobile phones in the new millennium.

Many companies, especially large ones, hire lobbyists to mold government policies and legislation to serve their financial interests. CREDO blazes a different path. We fight for progressive social change with 3 million of our activist friends at CREDO Action. No lobbyists, no back-door meetings, no candidate contributions. Just ordinary Americans, galvanized to speak truth to power.

2012 was a huge year for CREDO. We launched the CREDO SuperPAC, playing a major role in defeating five of the worst Tea Party Republicans in Congress. In the process, we rewrote the book on superPACs, raising $2.5 million from 70,000 small donors for a volunteer-driven campaign that went toe-to-toe with big money and corporate interests—and won. We also helped win 24 key state initiative fights for marriage equality, the environment, human rights and sanity in election spending.
Besides our electoral work, we launched more than 500 advocacy campaigns in 2012, redoubling our efforts to hold the line as the strongest voice for uncompromised progressive positions. We knew from the start we wouldn’t always win. But we fought for what we believed in, rather than concede from the start in the face of Republican obstructionism and hostage-taking. We took on Democrats and Republicans alike in our fight for progressive values
Our 2012 Activism Report gives the size and scope of the change and impact that CREDO and our 3.3 million members made in the past year. We look forward to many more fights and victories in the year ahead.

Most companies go into business to make money. Twenty-eight years ago, we went into business to make change. We've succeeded better than we ever imagined. Since 1985, we've raised $75 million for nonprofit groups working hard for social change—and this year we'll raise millions more.
Here are the 40 groups we're funding in 2013

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