Thursday, January 15, 2015

What is 'Right-to-Work'?

What is 'Right-to-Work'?

Right now, many successful companies negotiate multi-year agreements with their employees through a representative of the employee's choosing. These agreements protect companies from frivolous lawsuits and give corporations predictable labor costs so they can hire more workers. These multi-year agreements give employees the job security they need to buy a new car or send their children to college without fear of being fired. That strengthens our economy and helps everyone do better.

Some politicians want to make it a crime for corporations to sign agreements with their employees. Instead of government overreaching into the private sector, companies, workers and their unions should work together to create good paying jobs and safe workplaces. With millions of Americans still unemployed, Right to Work is a divisive partisan political issue meant to punish workers and the labor unions who represent them. Instead, our elected officials should be coming together to work on important issues like balancing the budget, creating jobs, and improving schools and not engaging in political paybacks against unions.

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