Monday, February 2, 2015

Even Stupid is Bigger in Texas

TX school suspends 9yo for terroristic threats because "Magic Ring"

9 year old Aiden Steward was suspended from Kermit Elementary School according to school officials. Aden and his family had just finished watching The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies and as kids are wont to do decided pretend to be a character from the film. He was pretending to be Bilbo Baggins, the titular character from The Hobbit written by J.R.R. Tolkien.
Aiden’s father, Jason, said that his family had just watched The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies earlier that week, and that his son “didn’t mean anything” when he told his classmate he was in possession of the “one ring to rule them all.”
“Kids act out movies that they see. When I watched Superman as a kid, I went outside and tried to fly,” he said.
“I assure you my son lacks the magical powers necessary to threaten his friend’s existence,” he added. “If he did, I’m sure he’d bring him right back.”
Jason requested a detailed explanation as to how his son’s statements constituted a “terroristic threat,” and told by a representative of the Kermit Independent School District that the school would mail him a letter.
When contacted Kermit Elementary Principal Roxanne Greer said that she could not comment on the suspension, because “all student stuff is confidential,” but Steward said that she told him that any and all threats to a child’s safety — including magical ones — would be taken seriously by the school.
WTF is wrong with these people? Magic Terroristic Threats? What kind of brain dead people are running these schools. Apparently this is not the first time Aden has been singled out for punishment.
According to Addicting Info
Aiden once brought his favorite book to school to impress his teacher, but school officials freaked out because “The Big Book of Knowledge” had a section about pregnancy and included an illustration of a pregnant woman. In another innocuous incident, Aiden referred to a black student as black, which drew yet another suspension from the school.

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