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Gullible Conservatives Finally Learn That Groups Like SarahPAC Took Them For Suckers

Gullible Conservatives Finally Learn That Groups Like SarahPAC Took Them For Suckers

AUTHOR FEBRUARY 17, 2015 3:20 PM
For years, conservatives have rejected multiple reports revealing that several right-wing groups have misused campaign donations. They ignored the warnings, writing them off because they were made by what they consider to be liberal sources. Now the truth is smacking them in the face.
Why? Because a conservative “news” source did the research themselves and SHOCKINGLY discovered that the liberal media has been correct all along.
“On a personal note, even though I had heard a lot of anecdotal stories and had read what other news organizations had to say, I have to admit that I was shocked by how bad the numbers are for many of these groups,” John Hawkins wrote in his report for Rightwing News. “One of the things I realized while I was putting this report together is that perhaps the biggest reason grassroots candidates have been having trouble breaking through in recent years is because such a large percentage of the money that was intended for them is being siphoned off to vendors, wasted, and just plain old pocketed by people in these PACs.”
Rightwing News looked at 21 conservative organizations that took in tens of millions of dollars in donations in 2014. After mustering the brain power to crunch the numbers using actual arithmetic, it was discovered that 10 groups took severe advantage of gullible conservatives.
This is a wide scale problem that is unquestionably having an enormous negative impact on the conservative movement and it desperately needs to be addressed in a real and serious way. Hopefully, this report will be the start of that process.
Among the groups were the Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Army, Republicans For Immigration Reform, Tea Party Express, and SarahPAC. As we all know, SarahPAC is the group that Sarah Palin uses as her personal bank account. This hasn’t exactly been secret, but conservatives refuse to believe any report that one of their own didn’t put together. You know, because conservatives are dumb like that.
Anyway, Rightwing News found that these groups took in and spent over $54 million last year and only used $3 million of it to help Republican candidates. Sounds like a political ponzi scheme if you ask me. But here’s the summary of the findings complete with a lamentation that more of the money wasn’t used to help Tea Party nuts take complete control of the government.
How many conservative candidates lost in 2014 because of a lack of funds? How many of them came up short in primaries, lost winnable seats or desperately tried to fight off better-funded challengers? How much of a difference would another 50 million dollars have made last year? That’s a very relevant question because the 10 PACs at the bottom of this list spent $54,318,498 and only paid out $3,621,896 to help get Republicans elected. If that same $54,318,498 had gone to the Club for Growth Action PAC and it had been as efficient with it as it was with the money it had, $47,800,278 would have gone to Republican candidates instead of the meager $3,621,896 that those candidates received from those 10 PACs during this cycle. The conservative movement has a right to expect more than this from the PACs that are representing it.
One would think that a report like this coming directly from the right-wing echo chamber would finally convince conservatives to stop giving money to right-wing groups who only want to exploit their stupidity, but we’re talking about conservatives here, and we all know that for them, learning is hard.

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