Friday, March 20, 2015

Halliburton Sold Nuclear Tech To Iran

Halliburton Sold Nuclear Tech To Iran

 When they're not shitting all over the Gulf of Mexico our old friends Halliburton are found selling nuclear technology to Iran.
  The fun starts around 2:20 with Byron Dorgan whacking the Halliburton VP around and do check out Sherrod Brown doing a Detective Columbo impersonation starting at 4:42. He plays with that for a while, then the real beating starts around 7:00.

 So, Halliburton creates offshore entities to circumvent the U.S. ban on doing business in Iran, and part of what passes through this truly ridiculous loophole is nuclear enabling technology. All of the profit ends up in a Cayman Islands shell company so there's no U.S. tax burden, and when we have to go interdict a nuclear armed Iran Halliburton gets paid again supporting our military in the conflict.
 The taxpayer gets fucked up, down, and sideways and nobody seems able to put a stop to it. The troops are lucky if they get crappy food and if they're having a bad day they end up a non-combat death in an curiously electrified shower.
 This is a three month old video, but it certainly seems worth a review given the unstoppable flood of oil pouring out of the sea floor and poisoning the Gulf of Mexico. Halliburton's cement job was a key component of the blowout and they're just as much at fault as
Beach Polluters
Bird Poisoners British Petroleum.
 If corporations are persons, as the Citizens United decision indicates, they should be subject to execution, just as real humans are. Halliburton's behavior indicates to me they'd like to be first in like for this ultimate corrective action. 

(CODA: I wrote this diary about a transnational corporation with a U.S. origin violating a sanctions regime imposed on Iran. I did not write a diary about Israel, Palestine, Iraq, or Afghanistan, all areas in which I have opinions.
 I also did state that we might some day fight a nuclear armed Iran. I do not think this is imminent, but if the U.S. and Israel keep jacking with them they'll obviously seek to defend themselves and they are a regional power that develops their own weapons systems.
  The big picture in Iran at the moment is that two thirds of the population were born after the 1979 revolution. Those young people are engaged in the same cycle of resistance, martyrdom, and mourning that lead to the first revolution. That process took a year, this one is taking a bit longer.
   When I wrote this I made an error in the date - this was a 2009 hearing, so it's fifteen months old, not three months. I found it relevant because this is the same company that just participated in the destruction of the Gulf Coast tourism and seafood economy.)

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