Wednesday, August 21, 2013

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory: Our Voter ID Law Is Just Common Sense

Guest post by Gov. Pat McCrory
There’s a lot of loose talk about what our new voter ID law does, so I want to go into what it does and explain why we did things the way we did so that people don’t get the wrong idea.
Some people are complaining that the law disenfranchises poor minorities. That’s not quite true– in fact it disenfranchises poor minorities AND students and young people, as well as those who move around a lot, with “a lot” being defined as “at all”.
But complaining about this is missing the point– this voter ID law is about protecting the integrity of the vote, just as our motorcycle safety/abortion bill was about protecting women’s health. What we’ve done is just common sense. Forms of ID Allowed
The common sense reason for this is that these groups are not fully American, and don’t share our values. And as such, they can’t really be expected to vote to restore the America that Obama and Democrats have worked so hard to destroy. In our hearts and memories we all recall a time when America was better, and we’re working to bring that time back.

Restoring The Good Old Days

The 1950s were a great time in America. Who doesn’t look back fondly at our country then? Happy, confident, strong, bold. But those days weren’t an accident– they happened because our leaders weren’t afraid to limit the vote to real Americans. They didn’t let those people vote. College students and minorities were not allowed to vote, and the world was perfect. I know– I remember it well, I was 7 at the time.
But we can’t restore the laws that made the 1950s utopia possible if everyone over 18 votes. No, to bring back Jim Crow laws, to recriminalize female sexuality and homosexuality, and put prayer back in schools, we’ll need a leaner, more trustworthy electorate. A whiter, straighter, older, Christ-ier electorate. This law is a first step.
And as Paula Deen says, who among us doesn’t wish for slavery, the golden age for North Carolina and America, something every Southerner dreams of watching Gone With The Wind? But that world was no accident– they didn’t let everyone vote either.
Indeed, we all long for a better time, so by eliminating the political power of those people, we’ll take a big step in letting our politicians take North Carolina and America back to that time. Back to 1950. Back to 1850.
After all, if we let just anyone vote in North Carolina, then in the next few years those people may eliminate the great work we’ve accomplished in just a few months this year:
  • Refusing to pay unemployment to moochers.
  • Refusing the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare to keep the working poor from being trapped by health insurance.
  • Removing state support for sluts.
  • Outlawing gay marriage, and refusing to recognize gay marriages that happen in other states or countries.
This may seem harsh, but we let black people vote for almost 50 years and what did it get us– Carter? Clinton? Obama? Is this what you want the future to look like, because I sure don’t.

You’re Welcome

So send your legislator a thank you note for setting a course for the idyllic past, and encourage him not to stop until we get there.

Thank you, and God bless.

Gov. Pat McCrory
Forms of ID Allowed

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