Saturday, August 24, 2013


Guest post by Maine Gov. Paul LePage

People criticized me for saying “Obama hates white people”, but I can prove it. Over the past 5 years, and even over the course of his life, he has said and done things which bear me out.
#1 Obama continues to be president, even though he knows his blackness offends some white people.
#2 He has yet to repeal the 13th Amendment and re-enslave black people to please Southern whites. He hasn’t even proposed it.
Nor has he offered to pay reparations to descendants of slave holders for their loss of property in the Civil War.
#3 He has invited black people to the White House, instead of only inviting white people. And he has continued to do this no matter how many times Fox News has complained.
#4 He, with his attorney general Eric Holder, has fought the efforts of Republican state governments to keep the white vote from being diluted by black and other minority voters, which has the effect of telling people their votes aren’t special or more important than non-white votes.
What’s more, he has actively registered black and Hispanic voters, which also diluted the value of white votes.
#5 Some of the taxes paid for by white people go to services for non-whites. Shouldn’t white taxes go to white people and minority taxes go to minority people?
#6 He married a black woman.
#7 He had black kids.
#8 He’s even making white people pick up poop after his new black dog Sunny. Probably.
In conclusion, Obama has failed to prefer white people above all others at every juncture, which proves he hates white people. It’s just logic, so stop calling me a racist.
Gov. Paul LePage
@WinkProgress: Maine Gov. Paul LePage: "Obama hates white people, and I can prove it."

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