Thursday, September 19, 2013

NC Backward Hall of Shame

via: Backward NC

Stephen "The Roach" LaRoque   

It's an ass from the past! Although Stephen LaRoque resigned from the Jones Street House of Pain awhile back, he definitely earned membership in the Hall of Shame, given that he resigned in shame.

Of course, many NC politicians have been caught doing unseemly things. What makes Steph's sleaze rise to the Hall of Shame level is the utter hypocrisy he exhibited. LaRoach is your typical right-wing nut job, punishing poor people and railing against all that wasteful guvmint spending (and don't forget the racism). And that's where the irony and hypocrisy comes in: Stevie took $300,000 of taxpayer's money and used it to enrich himself. He not only hypocritically feasted at the public trough, he broke at least 12 laws while doing so. And the money that Steve stole was actually intended to help economically depressed areas.

To sum up: While Steve-o was screeching about wasteful government spending and humiliating poor people, he was illegally taking substantial sums of government money that was intended to help poor people. But just in case anyone missed his hubris, Steverino, who defrauded the taxpayers, publicly said this to an unemployed woman:
“I hope you have not defrauded the taxpayers because if you have I can assure you that you will face the consequences,”

No, we didn't make that up.

And that, folks, is Sleaze with a capital 'S'. Actually, let's put that in all caps and add an exclamation point: SLEAZE! And that will get you into the Hall of Shame every time.

Diagnosis: A hypocrite's hypocrite. Embezzler on a grand scale who kicks poor people while they're down, and simultaneously steals taxpayer money intended to help poor people -- and that is a definite sign that something is seriously wrong in LaRoque's head.

And that doesn't even count being guilty of hypocrisy, hubris and meanness 

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