Monday, September 16, 2013

Wayne LaPierre op-ed: “The Navy Shipyard shooting happened because of gun control.”

Wayne LaPierre op-ed: “The Navy Shipyard shooting happened because of gun control.”

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Guest post by Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association (NRA)
Every time a tragic mass shooting happens, people try to blame guns, and by extension the NRA. But this one isn’t on us. We did all we could to prevent the Navy Shipyard shooting by working to ensure that every person in America has unlimited access to an unlimited number of guns (all makes and models) and unlimited rounds of ammunition. And yet, fools in Congress and in state legislatures like Colorado tried to restrict Americans’ access to guns.
I am certain that the shooting at the Navy Shipyard could have been prevented if every single person were carrying an assault rifle capable of at least 30 rounds per second. Now, sure, there probably would have been many more children or adults killed as a result of accidents with those same guns, probably in their homes, but not 12 people in one day in one place. They would have been spread out and never made the news or caused Americans to grieve except when they knew the victim personally. But this mass shooting at the Navy Shipyard is entirely the fault of the all those who voted for the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill*.

Wayne LaPierre on Navy Shipyard shootingWe’re trying to prevent mass shootings, but they’re leaving Americans helpless to defend themselves. I mean, sure, accidental deaths outnumber the mass shootings in any given month, but let’s be honest– those toddlers probably should have returned fire when their 5-year-old sibling started playing with daddy’s gun instead of just moping around in their dirty dipers.
And in any event, I remind you that the Constitution specifies a right to bear arms and places no limitations on that right. The Second Amendment guarantees that right to ALL AMERICANS, including:
  • your crazy neighbor with the 17 dogs
  • racist rockstars who threaten the life of the President
  • people afraid of black helicopters
  • toddlers
  • people nursing grudges
  • Ron Paul newsletter subscribers
  • loners who want to impress Jodie Foster
  • recent parolees with anger management issues
  • those currently in the middle of a mass shooting
And we at the NRA are committed to making sure that all these Americans have access to all the guns and ammunition that they feel necessary to protect themselves from all threats, real or imagined, unencumbered by background checks or waiting periods. And to anyone who opposes us, WE WILL STAND AND FIGHT.
Thank you and God bless America,
Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President, NRA
*even though it didn’t pass.

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