Saturday, September 14, 2013

GOP Claims of Voter Fraud Continue to be Exposed as…Fraud

GOP Claims of Voter Fraud Continue to be Exposed as…Fraud

Posted by: Sky Palma in TEApublican Smack Downs

Adding to the mounting examples of why the GOP’s claims of voter fraud are…well…a fraud, a pair of investigations conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement yielded only one arrest — of a person who was connected to a Republican firm.
The first investigation targeted a voter registration group called the Florida New Majority Education Fund. When the investigation was completed, the agency determined that no arrests were justified.
But raising a few eyebrows was the second investigation, which targeted a vendor for Florida Republicans called Strategic Allied Counseling. One individual that belonged to the group admitted to fraudulently filling out two voter registration forms.
Republican operatives have long disseminated fears that widespread voter fraud has been utilized by liberals in elections, claiming that voters are showing up at polls pretending to be people other than themselves. But time and time again, studies have shown this particular kind of phenomenon to be highly unusual.
In 2007, the New York Times reported that five years after the Bush administration began a crackdown on voter fraud, the Justice Department turned up virtually no evidence of any organized effort to skew federal elections, according to court records and interviews.
Although Republican activists have repeatedly said fraud is so widespread that it has corrupted the political process and, possibly, cost the party election victories, about 120 people have been charged and 86 convicted in the year before the NY Times ran its piece.

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