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Asshole of the Day, September 10, 2013: Ann Coulter

Asshole of the Day, September 10, 2013: Ann Coulter

by TeaPartyCat

Howard Cosell was forced out at Monday Night Football 30 years ago for referring to a black athlete as a monkey. While Howard argued he’d used the term before, and he was using it to refer to a diminutive athlete, it has pretty obvious racial connotations. And ever since, it’s a no-no when referring to African Americans. There’s no not knowing about this taboo.
So when someone known for inflammatory and insensitive statements wheels it out, it’s safe to assume they know what they’re saying. So it is with Ann Coulter, no stranger to controversy, in fact she and controversy are on a first name basis.
On Hannity yesterday, she and the host were trashing Obama for his handling of Syria, and then she said she believes Putin has made a “monkey” out of Obama on Syria.
She could have picked any words, but she picked Monkey.
I mean it’s not like Ann Coulter lacks for ways to say mean things. She’s not some simpleton who has to stick to the same three put-downs.
So we can only conclude that she CHOSE this racially charged term, for which she deserves Asshole of the Day. Surprisingly, her first win.
This is the third winner for comments related to Syria (Previous winners were Rumsfeld for saying Obama wasn’t “behaving like a commander in chief” and Jeff Sessions for saying “it wouldn’t have happened if Bush were still president”). There will probably be more.
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For some Syria related satire, you should check out the video Sarah Palin Explains Syria written by me, and also other Syria posts on Wink Progress such as today’s Brutal dictator agrees to give up chemical weapons, no thanks to Obama by TheDailyEdge.

#AssholeOfTheDay Ann Coulter for saying Putin is making a "monkey" out of Obama on #Syria

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