Monday, November 25, 2013

Christian Patriots Calling For Assassination Of Obama And A New Revolution

Christian Patriots Calling For Assassination Of Obama And A New Revolution


There are right-wing Christian groups popping up all over the country who are determined to remove or kill President Obama. They all seem to have a few things in common. First, they all believe that God is guiding them to do this. They all also believe that they have the right to start a revolution, and that they have a duty under the Constitution to forcefully remove Obama. And they all believe that they will be protected by their beloved 2nd Amendment.
The fact that all of these groups interconnect in some way, makes you wonder if this movement isn’t more organized than we originally thought.
Larry Klayman and his followers are so certain that they can remove or kill Obama and his administration, that he has already planned out and organized a second Constitutional Congress to take over. Klayman has organized what he calls, a “Second American Revolution.”
Klayman told WorldNetDaily that, “the tyrant evil fool in the White House will retire to his favorite golf course in Tehran.” He explained that after his Reclaim America Now group was done removing the “Mullah in Chief” at the White House, they were moving on to Philadelphia where,
“Delegates of the Tea Party and other patriots from all 50 states will deliberate, plan for the rest of the revolution, and elect a government in waiting, ethically and competent poised to take over the reigns (sic) of a real government responsible to the people.
I command you to join our forces. The time has come for action. The time is over for talk.”
Klayman has been telling anyone who would listen that he and his forces of millions would overthrow Obama by on November 19. He swore that the pressure of the millions demanding forceful removal of the POTUS, would cause Obama and his family to flee and leave the country.
Well, to spite all of the hate-filled rhetoric and promises, the big Reclaim America Now rally actually drew far less that millions. We could probably easier count them by the dozens.
But here’s the really concerning thing about this, Larry Klayman is not a lone lunatic for this cause. There are many people and organizations popping up all over the country with the sole intent of removing or killing President Obama. Most of them call themselves Christians and Patriots and they all believe that they have the legal right and duty under the 2nd Amendment to kill or violently remove Obama.
Another of these extremist Christian groups who supports forcibly removing the President is the “2 Million Bikers to D.C.” The group’s coordinator, Belinda Bee, spoke to the less-than-massive crowd at the rally at the White House on November 19.
“Our mission statement starts off with: We at the 2 Million Bikers to D.C. do believe in God, Country, Our Constitution, and Our Bill of Rights- as written. That means there should not be change. We don’t care about all of those Bill of Rights that came after the original. We are one nation under God, and without God, we are not Americans.”
Seriously, these people claim to be Christians, and absolutely freak out when anyone dare call them racists or sexist. But then they make this insane demand that only the original Bill of Rights should be recognized. This means that any Amendments that came after the original would be null and void. Yeah, no big deal there….except that it would remove Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, the ability to elect Senators, and bring back poll taxes. And ironically, it would also remove Presidential term limits. Third term for the Black Zulu Kenyan anyone??
The editor at WorldNetDaily, Joseph Farah, said he was so inspired by Larry Klayman’s rally on November 19, and he believes it will launch a whole anti-Obama movement. Farah is also a big supporter of the 2nd American Revolution, and the forceful overtaking of the government.
Farah wrote Friday,
“America is nearing the point of no return- a historic moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point. The only thing that can stop it is a massive outpouring of strength and force by the remnant of Americans who will dare, as America’s founders did, to sacrifice their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to preserve and restore liberty, morality, and common sense no matter the cost.
It’s time. The hour is late. Get mobilized. Be ready!”
The group Christian American Patriots Militia is another place for right-wing nut-jobs to congregate. The moderator of their Facebook page, Everest Wilhelmsen, wrote a frightening post on the day Klayman gathered at the White House. He called for the assassination of Obama outright. He wrote that we, “now have the authority to shoot Obama, i.e. to kill him.”
This group is calling for a violent removal of the President using deadly force. Whilhelmsen promised that Obama will be “dead within the month.” He also told his group that Christians have the right and duty to bear arms against any government having a design to reduce us under absolute Despotism.”
Christian Patriots Calling For Assassination of Obama


  1. Why aren't these people arrested for treason?

  2. Stupid people who don't understand economics and that their masters are really the Koch Brothers, you know, the white billionaires who control Congress.

  3. Stupid people who don't understand economics and that their masters are really the Koch Brothers, you know, the white billionaires who control Congress.