Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lunatic Potential Senator From Texas Believes Global Warming is Caused by Abortion (Video)

Lunatic Potential Senator From Texas Believes Global Warming is Caused by Abortion (Video)

david bartonIn January of this year, the state of Texas unleashed Tea Party looney bird Ted Cruz to wreak havoc on the nation, and believe it or not, there may be someone worse than he is who could end up as the other senator from Texas a year from now.
David Barton is an evangelical Christian minister who believes that separation of state and church is a “myth”, evolution should not be taught in school, the government should regulate gay sex, schools turn kids gay, the bible opposes the minimum wage, and that people should legally be able to own bazookas, tanks and fighter planes. He has been urged to challenge incumbent senator John Cornyn by Glenn Beck and is, of course, a Tea Party darling.
If that isn’t enough to scare the living hell out of you, maybe the video below will.
Barton, in a discussion with
snake oil salesmantelevangelist Kenneth Copeland, comes to the conclusion that abortion is behind global warming and the accompanying crazy weather patterns. They come up with this brilliant explanation by this head-scratching sequence of events…
First, God got mad at us for voting in pro-choice politicians.
Then, with God pissed off and wanting to unleash his anger on us, He “opened the door to the curse,” which led to a barrage of floods, tornadoes, murder and pedophilia.
And unlike in the old days when our ancestors would get together and pray for repentance when bad weather struck them, now we just call it global warming and don’t kneel down and pray every time a strong wind gust or blast of thunder is unleashed on us.
In conclusion, God is so mad at us that He is letting global warming and the crazy weather that comes with it happen to us.
No, this is not a sample article from someone seeking employment with the Onion. There really is a David Barton out there who really does think this way.
Let’s do our best to talk some sense into Texans and keep this guy out of the Senate. You think Ted Cruz is bad, which he absolutely is? This guy might be Ted Cruz on steroids. Barton’s only political experience to date is being the former vice chair of the Republican Party of Texas.
Watch the video below, from RightWingWatch.


  1. WTF! Talk about wacko birds, God please forgive these idiots for they know not what they talk about.