Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Donald Rumsfeld on the Art of War

Donald Rumsfeld on the Art of War

The Daily Edge

We haven’t heard much from former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld lately. Mainly because he’s the guy who spent $6T on the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, sending our troops into battle without body armor only to then tell us that not only was Saddam Hussein not involved in 9/11, he didn’t have WMDs, either.
As Obama considers military action in Syria, you might think a totally dickish douchebag like Rumsfeld would keep his mouth shut and support the Commander-in-Chief the way he told us we were supposed to support our President when Bush was pretending to accomplish missions.
After all, Obama is the President who actually got Bin Laden and concluded the Iraq War.
But hey, it’s Obama. Since when have the crazy old coots of the GOP given him a shred of respect?

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