Monday, September 2, 2013

"Government is the problem." Eric Cantor proves it.

"Government is the problem." Eric Cantor proves it.

The Daily Edge

They cheered even though the sequester would cut ANOTHER $75 million from the Embassy Security budget at a time when they were trying to politicize Benghazi in ways that would distract from how previous GOP security cuts might have contributed to the disaster?
They cheered even though the sequester would put new strains on the US Forest Service’s already-diminished firefighting capabilities.
Today comes news that a devastating wildfire in California has crossed into Yosemite National Park and created a state of emergency in San Francisco, just 150 miles away from the 196-square mile blaze, and which relies on Yosemite for water and hydroelectric power.
Cuts to the Forest Service budget mean that the Forest Service has to call in expensive “exclusive use” contractors in times of emergency.
San Francisco’s state of emergency means federal funds will be made available to deal with the crisis.
Eric Cantor likes to say “government is the problem.” It certainly is.
We have a government being sabotaged by a Republican Party whose leaders have all signed a pledge to the Kochs to do nothing about climate change (even as the intensity of droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires is increasing).
We have a Republican Party that cheers idiotic spending cuts in place of country-first compromise.
We have a Republican Party that promotes “fiscal conservatism” in ways that put American lives and homes and jobs at risk–and contributes to crises that cost taxpayers millions and billions of dollars to clean up.
Yes, Eric Cantor. Government is the problem. And you are it.
Los Angeles Times editorial, August 27, 2013: “This isn’t a sane fire policy… firefighting is a basic public safety service that should be exempt (from sequestration)”,0,7355087.story
Los Angeles August 31, 2013: National Park Service chief confirms that inaction on climate change, plus “reduction in fire funding” will lead to more and more “huge fires that are incredibly difficult to control and very expensive.” Thanks GOP!,0,1170306.story

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