Monday, October 7, 2013

Cry Baby Boehner and the Tea Party

When you're a child, people expect you to throw temper tantrums. But when you’re a grown man, Speaker of the House, and second in line to the Presidency, well, we expect better.

 what did Boehner and the Tea Party do? They threw a #GOPTemperTantrum. They didn't get their way on Obamacare so they shut down the government. How do we stop the shutdown? We’ve got to force John Boehner and his Tea Party allies into action.

Thanks to you we've been able to hold them accountable, but we have to double down on our message if we want to get the truth out and end the shutdown

 Please click here to watch the ad.

Together we can stop the Tea Party and their reckless agenda.

- Team Stop the Tea Party

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