Monday, October 7, 2013

Prestigious Manhattan kindergarten shuts down as kids protest “unacceptable laws”

 Prestigious Manhattan kindergarten shuts down as kids protest “unacceptable laws”

 The Daily Edge

The Charlton Street School, one of Manhattan’s most famed kindergarten’s, was shuttered for the sixth straight day this morning as a minority of students continued to insist that the school’s newly implemented “I-Care Rules” represented an unacceptable big government intrusion into their freedom to shout, bite and break things.
 PKPO-PKMP-PK100-Med “We are not just kindergarten students,” said 5-year-old Rafael Cruz, the leader of the protest group. “We are Cubans, Canadians and Americans, too. If we are not allowed to act unruly in kindergarten, where does it end? Will we one day expect our nationally elected representatives to act like grown-ups too?” The oldest member of the class, John Boehner, at 5 1/2, who three weeks ago had complained to his parents that Rafael was bullying him, now seemed to be fully supportive of his aggressive classmate’s stance: “Rafael is right. The new I-Care Rules are unacceptable. Also, we are now refusing to pay for the rack we broke last week, too” Asked whether his action’s could bring down the whole global education system, Rafael smiled smugly and said: “Who the fuck cares?” As punishment, Ms. Karen Wilkinstone moved Rafael’s stick from the Happy Cup to the Sad Cup and said if his behavior doesn’t improve soon he may need the Time-Out Chair. Full story: How to Teach Rules In Kindergarten Class

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