Thursday, December 19, 2013

Part Two: 10 More Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican

Part Two: 10 More Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican

December 19, 2013 By

Almost a month ago I wrote a fairly popular article called 10 Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican, and at the end of that article I said I would most likely be doing a sequel.
Well, here it is.  If you haven’t seen the first one, I highly recommend you click the link above and check it out.  The basic premise is to ask questions of Republicans to get them to explain “why” they believe in something.  Because it’s easy to regurgitate a right-wing talking point, but it’s quite difficult for most of them to express why they believe that way.
So here we go — ten more questions that you should ask every Republican.
1) If this country was indeed founded to be a “Christian nation,” could you please explain which denomination?
2) If our sexual orientation is a choice, can you explain to me when it was that you chose to be straight?
3) If you’re outraged over the news of the NSA spying “scandal,” why weren’t you upset when George W. Bush and his fellow Republicans passed the Patriot Act to begin with?

4) What year did the Great Recession begin, and who was president?
5) Can you name a Republican president since President Eisenhower who’s actually balanced the budget?
6) When was the last month the United States posted a negative number for private job creation?  How many months ago was that, and who’s been president ever since?
7) If Republicans in Congress were responsible for the balanced budget under President Clinton, why did that same Republican-controlled Congress return the country to massive deficits the very first year when a Republican (George W. Bush) moved beck into the White House?  Shouldn’t a Republican president have created an even larger budget surplus, instead of ruining it?
8) If all forms of socialism are so terrible, why do tens of millions of Republicans salute our military while enjoying their Medicare and Social Security benefits?
9) Since abstinence isn’t a realistic way to prevent unplanned pregnancies (the leading cause of abortion), wouldn’t it make more sense for the party that’s against abortion to support contraceptives instead of opposing them?  Won’t the lack of contraceptives only lead to more abortions, the very thing your party opposes?
10)  Do you enjoy weekends off?  Paid vacation?  Benefits?  Holidays off?  Safe working conditions?  Overtime?  Workers compensation?  Sick leave?  Then why do you oppose unions?  They’re the reason why we have all of those things.

And that’s a wrap for this edition of “10 questions every Liberal should ask every Republican.”  I really think I might make this a monthly installment.
I hope you enjoyed it, and by all means share, print, and repeat these questions to any conservatives you encounter.  Let me know their responses — they’re usually fairly entertaining, if nothing else.

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