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Westboro Baptists Support 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson Following A&E Suspension: Church Plans Picket

Westboro Baptists Support 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson Following A&E Suspension: Church Plans Picket 

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A&E sparked controversy when the network suspended Phil Robertson from the hit show 'Duck Dynasty' after GQ published an interview with his condemnation of homosexuality as "sinful" and compared it to bestiality.
The decision has sparked a wave of protest as fans rally to voice their objections.
Conservative Christian groups such as Southern Baptist leaders Russell Moore and Al Mohler and the Family Research Council have spoken out in support of Robertson's Biblical views.
Now the Duck Dynasty Patriarch supporters have two more groups to add to their ranks as the Westboro Baptist Church and Quran-burning Pastor Terry Jones have weighed in with their support.

 Westboro Baptist Church announced their intention to picket the A&E headquarters in New York City in protest of Robertson's suspension. Over 300,000 people have signed a "Stand With Phil Robertson" petition, which will be hand-delivered to A&E on Monday.

The group has also created Vine videos featuring a version of Robertson speaking out against gays. However, though Robertson voiced his disgust for homosexuality, he also said that he doesn't believe that it's his place to judge. "We never, ever judge someone on who's going to heaven, hell. That's the Almighty's job. We just love 'em, give 'em the good news about Jesus – whether they're homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort 'em out later, you see what I'm saying?" he said. Westboro Baptist Church, on the other hand, has never been shy about claiming the voice of God including their signature line: "God Hates Fags."
Westboro Baptist Church
Caving to the fags is bad, mmmkay? Cc: Rolling Stone, PinkNews, NOH8 Campaign, HRC, 4 Fags And A Camera, GLSEN

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  1. Here is what Phil and the cast of Duck Dynasty now needs to do- it is very urgent-
    First of all, he must not back down from his biblical stance. He must not “apologize” for stating God’s truth.Even if it should cost him and family the termination of the show Duck Dynasty. And from what I am reading, he is not backing down, but he must show Christian calmness and love- not anger, bitterness or hate toward A&E.
    Secondly, he must IMMEDIATELY publicly condemn the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church. Although the Robertsons are in no way affiliated with the WBC, the WBC has just stated that it supports Robertson and intends to pickett A&E. Even so, their motives are far from good. Their actions have proven their ill will, such as picketting of soldiers funerals and harassing family members of the deceased, wishing for more dead soldiers, and their hatred of homosexuals. They blasphemously claim that there is no hope for homosexuals but scripture says otherwise. Unlike the UnChristian WBC and their message of hate, Phil Robertson must immediately publicly state that he loves homosexuals.That is why he speaks out against the sin of homosexuality and invites them to turn to Christ, repent and be saved in the Lord Jesus. Statistics show that there is much grief associated with the unnatural homosexual lifestyle but there is hope. A joyeous renewed life in Christ and life eternal. When mentioning sins including homosexuality,the apostle Paul notes that some in the church had been homosexuals before they became Christians. Phil needs to mention this and quote first Corinthians – iOr do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived:Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.-1 Cor 6:9-11 NIV-
    There is true hope and change! That’s God’s loving message and the message that Phil Robertson wishes to convey.
    As for his comments about African Americans, He needs to make clear that he was referring to a time when many African Americans had faith in Christ. Although sadly,they were under oppression by man’s law, they were living Godly lives. He needs to mention that he was referring to civil rights leaders and those working hard for civil rights years ago, and point out that they were well mannered and well dressed. Why? Because many had a strong belief in God and representing Him as believers, they showed this in their actions and appearance. He needs to state that the original impetus for the civil rights movement was based on a faith in God and equality of all men. He needs to show that no race is lesser than others in the eyes of God and he needs to make the point that homosexuality is a sin as defined by God’s word but being born a certain color or race is no way a sin or mark of inferiority or superiority in the eyes of God. In fact, in Numbers chapter 12 we read that Moses, the writer of the law, married a Cushite woman, (no doubt a dark skinned woman from Africa) but God showed no partiality with Moses choice and even rebuked Aaron and Miriam for speaking against Moses on account of his Cushite wife. See Phil Robertson’s sermon- America needs Jesus- on youtube.