Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Classic! White Supremacist Turns Out To Be Partly Black!

Classic! White Supremacist Turns Out To Be Partly Black! (Video)

Craig Cobb 2A well-known white supremacist got some bad news delivered to him on national television, and his reaction was priceless!
Craig Cobb, who is behind the plot to turn a tiny North Dakota town into a haven for whites, agreed to submit to a DNA test as part of his appearance on The Trisha Show, which is doing a series on race in America.
Cobb was given the results of his test by the host of the show, Trisha Goddard. And as soon as she told Cobb that he is “86% European”, the audience knew what was coming next and begin to razz Cobb. And so did Shahrazad Ali, an author who was also a guest on the show, who begin to laugh uproariously.
Goddard continued, “14 percent Sub-Saharan African!”
Cobb recoiled in shock as the audience cheered and jeered and Ali continued to laugh at him. “You have a little black in you!” said Goddard who then stood up and said, “so there you go, bro!” and tried twice to fist-bump Cobb, but he refused both times.

And of course, displaying a classic case of cognitive dissonance, Cobb immediately wrote off the DNA test, saying it was “statistical noise”.
And afterwards, Cobb told MailOnline that he “agreed to the test because I assumed it was science.” Conversely, he said that it was a scientifically bankrupt procedure, the product of “craven and debased executives,” whose “goal is to shock.”
Yeah, and “denial” is more than just a river in Africa, where 14% of Cobb comes from.
At least he’ll have some s’plaining to do when he gets back to Leith, North Dakota.
Watch it below, from the Daily Mail.

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