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Asshole of the Day, October 4, 2013

Asshole of the Day, October 4, 2013: Randy Neugebauer
by TeaPartyCat ()
ATTENTION REPUBLICAN ASSSHOLES: The government shutdown is yours, yours, yours. You threatned it. You bragged about it. Ted Cruz spent 21 hours saying how it needed to be done to stop Obamacare. It’s yours.
And is it really plausible, after 5 years of slurring Obama and his love of Big Government, that people would even believe for a second that the shutdown was Obama’s idea or his fault? You profess to hate government and claim Obama loves it, so this doesn’t even pass the smell test.
But apparently that won’t stop you assholes from trying to pretend it’s not yours when it turns out people don’t like it.
Yesterday Ted Cruz said that the shutdown would make America vulnerable to a terrorist attack. Look, buddy, it’s your shutdown— if you’re scared, end it.
And then Rep. Randy Neugebauer harassed a park ranger who was keeping people out of the World War II Memorial because it was shut down:
Neugebauer: “How do you look at them and … deny them access?”
Ranger: “It’s difficult.”
Neugebauer: “Well, it should be difficult.”
Ranger: “It is difficult. “I’m sorry, sir.”
Neugebauer: “The Park Service should be ashamed of themselves.”
Ranger: “I’m not ashamed.”
Neugebauer: “You should be.”.
If only that ranger had said “Look, Asshole, it’s your shutdown. You voted for it. YOU should be ashamed.”
Full story:
For a satirical look at the GOP’s deranged plans to stop Obamacare no matter how much it hurts the America they profess to love so much, read my post at WinkProgress: Defund Obamacare Or Else! which also has many hilarious suggestions from Twitter.

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