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Eric Cantor Calls the Police on Children Who Were Singing In His Office

Eric Cantor Calls the Police on Children Who Were Singing In His Office

Jason Easley Thursday, December, 5th, 2013, 5:14 pm 

Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s staff called the police on a group of children who were singing songs in support of immigration reform, and had them removed from their office.


You can see in the video above that Capitol Hill police were very nice and pleasant to the children and their adult chaperones. Cantor’s staff came up with the lame excuse that they had to call the cops, because the kids didn’t have an appointment and wouldn’t leave.
John Boehner loves to call the House, “the People’s House,” but apparently children singing in support of immigration reform are not the kind of people that the Republicans want to spend time with. The only “people” who seem to matter to House Republicans are billionaires and corporations who show up at the office with checks in their hands.
There are so many things wrong with the visual of the police being called on children that even the dumbest politician can see what a horrible idea this was. Eric Cantor and his staff demonstrated how little they care about the plight of immigrants whose families are being torn apart due to the House Republican refusal to pass comprehensive immigration reform.
I understand that the peaceful protestors want to stay and wait for Rep. Cantor, but there were other more diplomatic options for getting the protestors to leave the office. Cantor’s staff could have offered to allow them to make an appointment. They could have asked them to wait for Cantor outside.
If their boss cared, which he doesn’t, they could have tried to give the protestors 5 minutes with him. There are dozens of things that they could have done that all would have been better than calling the police on singing children.
The message sent was that House Republicans do not care. They aren’t interested in doing anything for the people. Calling the police on children reveals a level of contempt for regular people that is hard to fathom, but it has been demonstrated in their agenda since Republicans took back control of the House.
The kids who were singing their hearts out in protest are braver than Eric Cantor, and his cowardly police calling staff could ever dream of being.
Rep. Cantor and his staff aren’t afraid of the children. They are afraid of the message in the song they sang.
The lesson here is that Republicans can call the police a million times, but they can’t kill the song of justice that sings out from even the smallest hearts.
Eric Cantor Calls the Police on Children Who Were Singing In His Office was written by Jason Easley for PoliticusUSA.
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