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The Secret Agenda Behind House Republican ACA Hearings is Obama Impeachment

The Secret Agenda Behind House Republican ACA Hearings is Obama Impeachment

Tuesday, December, 3rd, 2013, 10:14 am

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Fox News is making the Republicans’ House hearing case for them by helping the GOP make the case for impeachment.
The House is holding a hearing today (one of four ObamaCare hearings on your tax dollars) on “Presidential power”, alleging that President Obama disregarded the constitution when he tweaked the timing of the implementation of the individual mandate. This precedes impeachment, and that’s why they’re holding this hearing.
Megyn Kelly did what Fox does best; she “raised the question” of whether or not Obama has violated his duty. Has the President substituted his judgment over the Congress’ judgment?
Watch the December 2 edition of Fox News’ The Kelly File here via Media Matters:

First “Judge” Andrew Napolitano claimed Obama had let a large group of people off and refused to prosecute them for some kind of quid pro quo, but Megyn Kelly quickly steered him back to the Talking Point of the Day – Healthcare.gov, aka, ObamaScare. Stay on point, Andrew!
Kelly reminded Napolitano that they are both lawyers so they know how things work. I beg to differ. I know plenty of ignorant lawyers. Knowing enough about the law to pass the bar says almost nil about understanding government, unless you are a constitutional lawyer (like the President). Or you’ve worked on government (like the President).

Working on Fox “News” is a good indicator that you may have difficulty understanding logic and processing facts, or you have sold out so completely that your take on the “law” is pretty worthless. But I digress. Back to impeachments.
So Andrew, who also thought the President should be impeached over the sequester pending cuts imposed by Republicans, championed by Republicans and crowed about by Republicans on Andrew’s very own network, announced that the President violated the constitution when he decided to give “exceptions/exemptions” from the obligation of the law to some groups and not to others.
Kelly played fair cop with Napolitano. “That’s an administrative decision,” she barked. I might remind everyone here that Republicans in Congress make many such decisions – like how oil companies get subsidies but groups of poor people should not, or even other energy groups do not. Fox wants to indict on ideology, apparently. Kelly pretend-pushed him that the executive has the power to make these decisions, so that he could be set up to explain Why It’s Different This Time (aka, ‘cuz Obama did it).
This is the Outrage When the Black Man Uses His Authority segment of the program, when the two very white people smirk disdainfully over the “power grab” (assertion of proper authority) of the black person. It’s all very Southern Strategy on Fox.
So now we find out what Kelly is going for (aka, what the GOP leadership sent her re their hearing today). Delaying the individual mandate! Sure, “timing” used to fall under the purview of the executive branch, but not anymore, they tell us. The President may not change the date of implementation of a part of a law according to Napolitano.
In reality, the President controls policy implementation. That’s his role in the process. By delaying the individual mandate, Obama is simply changing an implementation date, not rewriting the law.
And now we come to the landing that sets up the Republican Congressional hearing today.
“What’s the remedy, you say impeachment, but can you go into court and challenge him? Can you try to impeach him, how would that happen?” Kelly wonders.
Sadly, Napolitano doesn’t think Obama will be impeached because of the experience “we had the last time when Bill Clinton’s eye was off the ball.” Yes. Never mind Iraq, WMD, Katrina, etc. Never mind Nixon. A breach of executive power is best exemplified in Foxland by the delaying of an implementation of a law these people don’t agree with.
But Kelly is very sad because impeaching Clinton backfired against the poor Republicans and then Napolitano reminded everyone that if Clinton hadn’t been impeached he wouldn’t have ignored Osama bin Laden, even though he admits that bin Laden attacked “in the early days of the Bush administration”.
These are the same people who will whine if you blame Bush correctly for the economic mess the country is in. In their minds, Clinton caused 911 because he should have left office when he was impeached. Try not to get lost in the crazy.
Here’s the point of the hearings today, and this is important because it clues us into where they are going. Judge Napolitano tells us that the Republicans may enact a resolution, “Will it lead to impeachment? I don’t know, but it will further diminish and destroy the trust he (Obama) once had with the American people.”
That resolution is what could lead to impeachment. Fox is trying to help the Republicans whip up a public fury to call for impeachment. This call for impeachment will be as good as an impeachment for them, because it will allow Republicans to use the soundbites and run against Obama in 2014 instead of having to come up with an actual platform.
How does Napolitano know ahead of time, since this was taped yesterday, that Obama will be found guilty in these GOP-led House hearings? Oh, I kid. No one thinks that Republicans are looking for facts.
The Secret Agenda Behind House Republican ACA Hearings is Obama Impeachment was written by Sarah Jones for PoliticusUSA.
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