Tuesday, December 3, 2013



   As I write my various blog entries, I am constantly plagued with a situation that always arises, my intense dislike for certain people or events that people perpetuate.

   I say "intense dislike" because the word "hate" is repulsive to me, it conjures images of evil and darkness in my mind, images I feel are unhealthy and unproductive.

   However, throughout the bible the word "hate" appears to describe many things, such as "hate the sin, not the sinner", so I am in the process of accepting the word "hate", as long as it is used in the proper context.

   That being said, I am now faced with the enormous challenge of separating my hatred of the GOP and its divisive, dishonest, intolerant, bigoted, racist, anti-American mission, from the individuals it has appointed to bring that mission to fruition.

   I have at this time "not" succeeded in doing so.

   When I see Darryl Issa manipulating testimony in an attempt to falsely incriminate the President in wrongdoing, I get angry.

   When I watch Mitch Mcconnell flagrantly lie, I get offended.

   When I see John Boehner refusing to bring proposed legislation for a vote, I get hostile.

   When I see the Senate GOP filibustering all democratic actions and Presidential appointments, I get outraged.

   When I see an entire nation held hostage by a small group of equally small minded traitors, I get disgusted.

  When I see Tea party legislators creating as much turmoil as possible in order to shut down any progress that might be made, I get furious.

   When I watch the GOP representatives in the House pandering to their base by voting to repeal Obamacare nearly 40 separate times in 4 years, I get overwhelmed.

   When I hear Republican spokesmen applauding the murder of an innocent black teenager, I am dumbfounded.

   When I hear just about anything Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'reilly, Sean Hannity, or any of the cesspool of FOX NEWS puppets espouse, I go over the edge.

   It's at these times that I find great difficulty in controlling my "intense dislike" for those who are touting the GOP/Tea party message.

   I view those individuals as a cancer, spreading their hate and fear mongering in an effort to divide Americans, to achieve an agenda that will put power in their hands, power that they have proven time after time they will use and abuse to fulfill their self serving goals.

   Ironically, I "hate" the fact that they are able to bring me to a state of "hatefulness". That strikes me as a success for them, and success is the last thing I would want for their kind.

   Just as a cancer doesn't care about the eventual death of its victim, these insidious traitors don't give a damn about an America for everyone, they are trying to create an America for themselves, and their bigoted brethren. An America that is owned and operated by only the wealthiest and most powerful among us, and as far as their concerned, the rest of us can just drop dead.

   That is why I am a progressive liberal, not that we are perfect, we aren't, nobody is, but the term "progressive" means advancing, going forward, evolving. The term "liberal" means open minded, accepting of diversity, willing to listen to others opinions.

   This nation was conceived in the idea that it was an enlightened entity, that we would be a beacon of light to the rest of the world as to how we should live together. 

   Our forefathers wrote out a road map to guide us in our quest, a quest for unity between us all, an ever evolving, ever advancing journey toward a "more perfect union".

   That is the agenda of a "progressive liberal", to encourage each
other that we are all equal in the eyes of God, that we can all share in the American dream, that when we help our fellow human being, we help ourselves and our country at the same time.

   The GOP/Tea party touting themselves as patriotic Americans is the pinnacle of hypocrisy and arrogance, they represent exactly what our founding fathers fought against, much as their prescribing
to being "Christians" is easily proven disingenuous by their very obvious hatred of others, and their incredible comfort in lying.

   The deviant behavior the GOP/Tea party so willingly engages in, all the while touting their "Christian morals", should cause any true believer to easily see through their facade of moral righteousness.

   As of this moment, the GOP/Tea party forces are fighting for their lives, after being exposed as frauds and traitors to the entire nation, they are, and will continue to be caught in a death spiral politically.

   They have passed the point of no return, America has already shown them that their type of political terrorism will not be tolerated, and with each failed attempt to get their RWNJ candidates elected, they will spiral further and further into oblivion, which is where they belong.

   As I gleefully watch the GOP/Tea party destroy itself,  I will continue my efforts in separating the sin from the sinner, but  they sure aren't making it easy.


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