Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tea Party Nation Believes Obamacare Is Like Rape, Because Of Course It Does

Tea Party Nation Believes Obamacare Is Like Rape, Because Of Course It Does

Fact: the only thing that’s like rape is rape. But this self-evident fact seems to repeatedly escape certain doofuses who seem to believe just about everything is like rape.
Rush Limbaugh thinks the Senate rule change to eliminate the use of the filibuster against judicial nominees is like rape. And now Tea Party Nation writer Darwin Rockantansky (real name) believes Obamacare is like rape.
Rockantansky’s article was emailed to Tea Party Nation members by TPN president Judson Phillips:
The Obama Regime is encouraging people to become the evangelists for Obamacare in their own family and social groups over Thanks Giving dinner. Their message is truly quite simple: Lie back and quit fighting and eventually you will enjoy the experience.
I won’t belabor you with the horrendously offensive aspects of this Socialist doctrine. Nor can I predict the level of socially unacceptable behavior that might erupt should some fool attempt to do that in my home much less over Thanks Giving dinner (ALL of which I personally prepare from scratch ).
But I will encourage you to think about your own families and extended families and decide for yourself if there is a point at which this rape experience could possibly become enjoyable; rape of our free will, rape of our religious convictions, rape of free markets, rape of our Constitution, a brutal rape of the American Dream and personal freedoms.
Obamacare is evidently raping nearly everything in America. Raping it all. No word on whether Rockantansky’s from-scratch “Thanks Giving” (??) dinner was raped by Obamacare, but I expect there might be an update any day now.
To be fair, Rockantansky didn’t invent to “Obamacare is like rape” meme. You might recall this:

 And this from Alex Jones:

 And this from Fox News Channel:

Seriously, stop it. Not just the rape metaphors, but all political metaphors. Politics isn’t like baseball or football. Obamacare and the filibuster rules aren’t like rape (again, nothing is, except for rape). And Healthcare.gov isn’t like Hurricane Katrina. Just stop.

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