Monday, December 23, 2013

Seriously?! Conservative Group Asks for Help Rewriting the Bible So it’s Less ‘Liberal’

Seriously?! Conservative Group Asks for Help Rewriting the Bible So it’s Less ‘Liberal’

Posted by: Nick Goroff in Most Popular on AATTP, Religion, TEApublicans in Action December 23, 2013

It would appear that in their ceaseless stampede further to the right, some conservatives have now taken to considering the Bible part of the “liberal media” which is set against them and are now gathering together to revise the “word of God,” to better suit their own purposes.

That’s right. The Bible, so frequently cited for condemnations of homosexuals, women’s rights and the seemingly endless parades that the mythology of creationism be taught as scientific theory, has been reviewed and found wanting by those of a more particular and craven agenda. And just how is brain trust at Conservapedia (the Conservative answer to Wikipedia,) going about this revision, you ask? Through a line by line rewriting of the New International Version, which in its translation from older texts, they claim…

    is dominated by professors and higher-educated participants who can be expected to be liberal and feminist in outlook.

Through careful sets of omissions and revisions, the team at Conservapedia hopes to promote a more right-wing fundamentalist view of Christianity, which in their quest to honor their infallible God, apparently requires creative re-interpretation of that which is claimed to have been his own words. For example, an excising of the famous passage in which the lessons of judgment where Christ is reported to have said, “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone,” have now allowed for the rogue scholars of Conservapedia to bring out Christs’ more bitter, divisive and generally conservative tone.

That’ll show those ivory tower theologians and historians with their mountains of research and lifetimes of devoted study.

This latest move by Conservapedia can hardly be seen as surprising. Throughout their website, facts and history are commonly disputed and at times, entirely ignored. On their main page, under the most popular topics tab, an article on evolution -again, written by their contributors with a proud and admitted bias- claims not only that 1/3 of medical doctors doubt the theory of Darwinian evolution, but also that,

    The fossil record does not support the theory of evolution and is one of the flaws in the theory of evolution.

To drive the point home, the article also cites a gallup poll stating that 40% of Americans believe in Young Earth Creationism. While it can be hard to argue with such irrefutable data pointing to at the very least, a common and widespread misunderstanding of the scientific process or the nature of the burden of proof, this most recent effort to rewrite The Bible to suit their pre-established ideological conclusions does, to some, signify the latest step away from reality that the increasingly zealous and vitriolic right-wing seems to be keen on taking.

For as Jesus said unto his disciples, “do not show compassion for others, for such is weakness in the eyes of the Lord and taxes are slavery, the poor deserve what they get, you can take my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands, forever and ever, amen…”

Hmm…that doesn’t seem right, but whatever. It’s all up to interpretation, right?

h/t: FreakoutNation

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