Monday, November 11, 2013

David Frum: Republicans Have Been Fleeced, Exploited, and Lied To by Right Wing Media

Yet more crude and vulgar hate speech that we've come to expect from yet another far-right "Christian". We quote (With no corrections to his poor syntax, spelling and grammar):
"why don't all you stupid liberals wash the horseshit out of your brains. morally bankrupt hopers and dreamers without any sense of reality. don't you ever call conservatives Liars. You just hate when you're caught red handed spreading satan's work all over the planet."
- Greg Howard, owner of Pleasant valley pools (Lack of proper capitalization, his own).
Our reply:
Wow, Greg Howard, we'll quote you on that on our main page, because you certainly prove to be the typical and expected points of this page. Unless you think those Republicans are perfect saints, everyone lies to some degree, and no one here is stooping to your lie that anyone called them "liars", but of course you probably can't comprehend the difference between labeling someone "liar" and addressing lies on their own merits....because if lies make people "liars", then we all are.
Aside from that, anyone is free to call anybody anything they want. It's called free speech or the First Amendment to the Constitution.
You're also "bearing false witness" about the administrators of this page, who are two Registered Independents and two Registered Republicans, who, as with Bob Dole, John McCain, Colin Powell, Bush's David Frum, etc., are tired of right-wing extremism such as yours doing damage to the Republican brand....speaking of which...
You're not only caught "red handed spreading satan's work" with your own lies by misquoting people, but you stoop to the very UnChristian and primitive emotionalism by evoking an ancient iron-age fairy tale (satan) that your alleged "all-knowing, all-creator" created, yet "knew" people of your low caliber would sin nevertheless.
An alleged "god" who "creates" an "eternal lake of fire", is no god, but a monster that would make Hitler's torture chambers appear like playgrounds...oh wait...your alleged "god" also "created" Hitler.
You, Greg Howard, owner-operator of Pleasant Valley Pools, are "caught red-handed" clinging to your socialized belief system, built on lies and contradictions about an "all-powerful god" (who would thus have power over "satan") of which you have not one shred of proof and evidence for.
Your type of hate speech and generalizations are lies, Greg Howard, as other Republicans point out, with proof and evidence in the right-wing extremists' own words:

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