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Anti-Obama ‘Revolution’ Fizzles As Only About 100 People Attend

Anti-Obama ‘Revolution’ Fizzles As Only About 100 People Attend

Author: November 19, 2013 5:22 pm

'Millions' Didn't Get The Memo. Crazed Right Winger Larry Klayman's 'Revolution' Draws Crowd Of About 100  - From Right Wing Watch
Radical Obama-hater Larry Klayman called for a revolution
to remove the president. That revolution started today,
and drew about 100 people. – From Right Wing Watch
What if you gave a revolution and (almost) nobody showed up? That’s the question that deranged Obama opponent Larry Klayman has to answer now.
In October, Klayman called upon “millions of Americans” to march on Washington, D.C. The goal? To remove “usurper” President Obama from office. Today, November 19, 2013, is the date Larry Klayman picked for his “revolution.” Did the millions he forecast to descend upon the city arrive in planes, trains, and automobiles? Are the Obama’s hastily packing and preparing to sneak out of the White House under cover of darkness? Hardly. Larry Klayman’s revolution was not quite what he predicted it would be. Right Wing Watch estimates that “no more than a hundred people” attended today’s event.

So, who is Larry Klayman?

In case his total lack of relevance has caused you to forget, Larry Klayman is a lawyer and founder of the groups Freedom Watch, and Judicial Watch. He is also a columnist at the unhinged anti-Obama site World Net Daily. Klayman has been on a personal anti-Obama jihad for some time. In 2012 he claimed that the president had been indicted by a “citizens’ grand jury.” It seems to be of little concern to Klayman that his citizens’ grand jury was not approved by the courts, and therefore is a total sham.

The revolution starts…now?

The right wing site BizPac Review proclaims “Over 40 groups converge on WH to ‘Reclaim America’; MSM ignores.” Over 40 groups? Let’s see…100 divided by 40 is… Apparently those groups didn’t get the memo that they were supposed to bring more than just their officers. And regarding the mainstream media “ignoring” the event? A few years ago I stood on the steps of the Capitol and watched a similar sized group protesting infant circumcision. The media didn’t cover that one, either.
Another site sympathetic to Klayman,, offers a list of 32 speakers who were scheduled for the event. The list includes former Congressman Bob Barr, Alan Keyes — the man who was beaten by President Obama for the U.S. Senate, anti-Muslim fanatic Pamela Geller, and singer Pat Boone. The site also offers a live video feed of the event. As of 2:30 PM EST the feed says “off air.” Instead of a live broadcast we are treated to a replay of 13:27 seconds of the event, which may have actually been the sum total of the whole affair.

Larry Klayman revolutionaries prepared to wait it out.

Larry Klayman originally said that his intent was to stay in Washington until the president resigns or is forced from power by the military. Those plans may have changed following the turnout in the high two figures. If Klayman and his group still plan on camping out until the president leaves office, they need to be settled in for the long haul, since that will occur on January 20, 2017. One word of advice to this tiny band of revolutionaries: there are squirrels in Washington, and this time of year, they are looking for nuts.
There are some images from the revolution you can see on Right Wing Watch.

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