Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gov. Walker Offers New Explanation to National Media for Departure From College Without Degree


Gov. Walker Offers New Explanation to National Media for Departure From College Without Degree

Does Latest Story Show Gov. Walker Intimidated by the Truth About His Past?

MADISON, WI — As Gov. Walker's national tour promoting his new book, Unintimidated, rolls on he is offering a new explanation to the national media about the reasons for his lack of a college degree, despite spending four years at Marquette University. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross wondered if based on other publicly available information Gov. Walker is intimidated by the truth about his past.

Ross commented, "There have long been unanswered questions about the circumstances of Gov. Walker's departure from Marquette University without a degree. But his latest, never before publicly related tale doesn't answer them. In fact, it raises more questions about this truthfulness."

Gov. Walker's official biography reports he attended Marquette University from 1986-1990. His 2010 campaign disclosed that Walker left college prior to receiving a degree with senior status after four years of "mostly full-time coursework."

According to Walker's latest version of events, reported on, "At first he tried to be a part time student, but quickly the births of his children took that option off the table."

However, Walker's official biography also says he was not married until February 1993. His first son was born in late June 1994, four years after leaving Marquette, and one year after a successful run for the State Assembly in a June 1993 special election. And in fact, the 1993 run for Assembly was his second bid for elective office since the end of his college career. He ran and lost to now U.S. Representative Gwen Moore in a State Assembly race in fall 1990.

"Gov. Walker, a young man so ambitious that he ran for state office twice before he was 25, wants us to believe that he voluntarily left college as a senior to take a part time job at a non-profit to support a family that would not exist for four years. Some would simply say, 'c'mon'. To the national media we say, quoting Gov. Walker's political hero Ronald Reagan, 'trust but verify'," concluded Ross.

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