Wednesday, November 20, 2013

‘You Know You’re a Liberal If…’ 33 Litmus Tests for Liberals

‘You Know You’re a Liberal If…’ 33 Litmus Tests for Liberals

Author: May 8, 2013 12:04 am

  1. You can discern the geographic distance between Kenya and Hawaii.

  1. Bernie Sanders is one of your favorite senators.

  1. You’re seriously considering dropping Verizon and switching to Credo Mobile.

  1. You get much of your news from Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher and/or Jon Stewart.
  2. You’re in favor of tax increases to support the common good even if you have to pay more yourself.

This, of course, is an ironic look at how Republicans see Liberals.

  1. You recognize that marijuana is physically less harmful than either cigarettes or alcohol.

  1. You understand Citizens United is about 5 conservative justices who are united against citizens and who favor the corporate control of elections.

  1. You get that Ron Paul is no better than the Tea Party.

  1. You’ve pissed off a conservative in your life by railing against Fox News or Sarah Palin.

  1. You have an “Obama ‘08” or “Obama 2012” logo riding on your bumper.

  1. You are a fan of a dozen or more liberal pages on Facebook.

  1. At some point, you wore dreads or went barefoot in public – or you know a few people who fit this description.

  1. You read food labels.

  1. You have gay friends and you respect them.

  1. You probably graduated from college and your degree probably isn’t in marketing or business administration.

  1. You post to Facebook and Twitter in support of liberal causes. A conservative friend may have un-friended you because of your posts.

  1. You support the middle class.

  1. You don’t think NPR is biased.

  1. You think the Koch brothers are evil.

  1. You’ve been following the dogged and brave uprising in Wisconsin.

  1. You prefer to breathe non-cancer-causing air and drink non-toxic water.

  1. You value a good standard of living for the public over corporate profits.

  1. You believe people should be able to choose, in private, the family planning option that’s right for them.

  1. You use hash tags like #p2, #p21, #topprog, and #taxtherich on Twitter.

  1. You are serious about recycling.

  1. You actually care that the ice caps are melting, coral reefs are dying and bio-diversity is diminishing.

  1. You can find Iraq on a map while realizing that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

  1. You’ve been called a hippie, a bleeding heart or a tree hugger.

  1. You believe education and health care should be subsidized for the common good.

  1. GOP voter suppression is ticking you off enough to mobilize the vote within your circles.

  1. You’ve given to a homeless person – ever.

  1. You cringe when you hear Obama referred to as a “one-term president.”

  1. You have gotten into a heated online debate with a Republican troll and even though you didn’t change their mind it still felt good to defeat their logic.

This is a work in progress! Add your own “You know you’re a liberal if” line in the comments below and we may include it in the sequel!

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  1. Here's one - you'd like to rail against Obama for implementing some of his Republican ideas, but are afraid if you do, Republicans will run with it and distort it and use it against him for all the wrong reasons.