Saturday, August 31, 2013

Baby Boomers define retirement as still working

WP_TDE_Retirement083113It’s a new world for retirees, reports TIME Magazine’s Dan Kadlec, as the baby boom generation is trading in its idealized vision of retirement for something that looks like: “I’m 67 years old and suddenly I’m taking crap from a 29-year-old manager again?”
Once common and easily defined, the idealized retirement is now highly individualized based on:
How fucked did you get in the Bush crash of September, 2008?
How much money did you lose by taking Glenn Beck’s advice and putting all your money into that Goldline scam?
Did you listen to Donald Trump and sell all your stocks in 2009–only to watch the S&P 500 soar 100% under Obama?
How concerned are you that Paul Ryan will realize his dream of killing Medicare during your lifetime?
Most important: instead of retiring to the beach or golf course, would you rather work the next 25 years in telemarketing or as a Walmart greeter?

Thirty years ago, tens of millions of hard-working Americans bought into Reagan’s promise that “trickle-down economics” would create a brighter future for us all. Instead the top 1% have $32 TRILLION stashed in offshore accounts and the rest of us are trying to remember to keep smiling as we squeeze into our Walmart uniform or read from that hard-sell telemarketing script.
Happy Labor Day!
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