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While, sure, there’s a legal case to be made that Ted Cruz is eligible to be president based on the fact that his mom was a citizen when he was born, I am still troubled by the release of his birth certificate.
Now before I get too far, let me just say I love the way he espouses and defends conservative ideology. He is a great spokesman for our Eternal Principles that were passed from God to Moses to Jesus to the Founding Fathers to Reagan and finally passed, after some fumbling by the Bushes, to the Tea Party. But like most Real Americans, fancy talk isn’t enough for me. Sarah Palin knows what I’m talking about.

Disturbing revelations of the Birth Certificate

#1 He hasn’t even apologized for being born in Canada. Frankly I’m insulted when I think about this, aren’t you? Does he think we don’t know? That we don’t care?
#2 Shows poor choice of parents. Why didn’t he choose an American citizen as his father? Does he secretly hate Americans in the same way that Obama hates white people, as Glenn Beck proved in 2009?
#3 If he didn’t choose to be born in US, how can we be sure he will make the right choices for America?
#4 Canada isn’t Kenya, but it’s still not the US. How can we count on someone born under the Canadian dollar to return us to the gold standard? I mean, vending machines won’t even take Canadian quarters, so how can we accept a Canadian born man as our president?
#5 Born in 1970. Can anyone so young be counted on? I mean, he doesn’t even have any memory of the glory days of Jim Crow.
Ted Cruz birth certificate

Reasonable Doubt about Ted Cruz

And all this just adds to the ongoing list of concerns I and others in the Tea Party have with Senator Cruz:
#6 Went to Harvard. Just like Obama.
#7 Lost his case before the Supreme Court. Could someone who professes to love the Constitution as much as Ted Cruz does lose before this court? How is that even possible? I mean, all you need to do is flash your GOP credentials and you’ve already got Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts. Something’s fishy here.
#8 No one heard of him outside Texas before last year. In order to keep the FBI from infiltrating, the Mafia traces people back to Sicily before someone can be a made man. Shouldn’t we do the same? Shouldn’t we be making sure that all Republicans are descended from Confederate war veterans? Can anyone else be trusted to value states’ rights enough?
Additional concerns have been raised by my colleague, The Daily Edge, in his post about how Ted Cruz birth certificate raises more questions than answers, which I encourage you to also read.

Nice try, Senator Cruz

So, after careful consideration of all the evidence, I just can’t support Ted Cruz for president, and encourage my fellow Tea Partiers to reject him as well. While he talks a good game– a great game– he’s just not one of us.

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