Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A deliciously devious plan to quiet Ted Cruz and destroy the Tea Party by giving them what they want

A deliciously devious plan to quiet Ted Cruz and destroy the Tea Party by giving them what they want


We know that Ted Cruz didn’t have anything to do with the government shutdown because he said so (Wink, Wink). We also know that Ted Cruz is a liar.
In a PoliticusUsa post titled “An Insane Ted Cruz Claims He Had Nothing to Do With the Government Shutdown That He Caused”, Jason Easley tells us (and I include some of it for your reading enjoyment), “In Ted Cruz’s mind the people who are to blame for the government shutdown are Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Senate Democrats, Senate Republicans, and Mitch McConnell. Cruz has never blamed himself, and the tea party House Republicans that he advised for causing the shutdown. Ted Cruz spent all of August and September traveling the country urging a government shutdown. Sen. Cruz made speeches on the Senate floor calling for a government shutdown. Cruz was caught holding multiple secret meetings with tea party House Republicans where he plotting the government shutdown strategy.”

Jason Easley adds:
The government shutdown belongs to Ted Cruz, and the Republicans who caused and enabled it. Sen. Cruz is demonstrating sociopathic behavior. The Texas Senator has shown no sense of responsibility or conscience over the damage that he has done. His blame of everyone that isn’t Ted Cruz or his allies reeks of a dangerous personality.”
Sen. Cruz doesn’t care that he put millions of people in economic jeopardy and cost the US economy $24 billion. He only seems concerned with personal enrichment and growing his anti-government cult. Like all sociopaths Ted Cruz is never going to take responsibility for his actions, and he isn’t going to stop trying to destroy the government as long as this behavior is his ticket to the White House.”
However, Ted Cruz is loved by the Tea Partiers in Texas. They think he’s the best thing since sliced bread. Cruz and his insane followers hate the federal government, and so they applaud Cruz when he shows his face in Texas. We also know that the insane people of Texas want to secede from the union.
So, I have an idea.
To quiet Carnival Cruz a little, let’s pull all the federal employees out of Texas. We can find a fairly good list of those employees at Eyeonwashington. We can also find a list of the military installations on Wikipedia. Again, for your reading pleasure, they are—
  • Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base, Houston
  • Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio
  • Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio
  • Brooks City-Base, San Antonio
  • Martindale Army Air Field, San Antonio
  • Dyess Air Force Base, Abilene
  • Goodfellow Air Force Base, San Angelo
  • Laughlin Air Force Base, Del Rio
  • Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls
  • FortHood, Killeen
  • FortBliss, El Paso
  • FortSamHouston, San Antonio
  • Corpus Christi Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi
  • Naval Air Station Kingsville, Kingsville
  • Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Fort Worth
  • CampMabry, Austin
  • CampBullis, San Antonio
  • CampSwift, Bastrop
I mean, close all these military installations immediately and move them to neighboring states that like the federal government and the millions of dollars these installations pump into local economies. Clearly, Texas is tired of them.
Virtually, every government department/agency has a presence in Texas, and NASA is another big one. Let’s move all the federal departments/agencies to neighboring states that would welcome the millions of dollars that come with them. Lest we forget, we will also pull the US Postal Service out of Texas. We can build a holding facility on the border and Texas can get their own personal postal service to deliver their mail.
That should be fun!
Now, after having done that, we can reduce Texas to a territory so that their representatives in Congress and the Senate are there to watch, not vote. We can also tax everything moving into Texas from neighboring states (including oil). That way we get the tax revenue without having to give Texas any federal monies. Then if Cruz and the Tea Partiers still want to secede, we’ll sell them Texas for $24 because it won’t be worth much more than that. The Texan economy will have dried up and blown away because most of the people will have moved to neighboring states where they like the federal government.
Now, Ted and his followers had their wish granted, but Texas is now a vast wasteland with an unemployment rate that would probably be around 50 percent. Texas would be like a third-world country. Not even Mexico would want Texas, nor China who’ll buy most anything.
Ted Cruz and his insane followers are now all happy because they have what they wanted and we have peace. Nice going Ted, you just screwed up a state beyond repair, which is an insane move much like your insane moves to shut down the federal government.
Ted Cruz, I can’t ask if you’re nuts, because you are. You are also a liar and a voice of unreason. Please, shut up! You have nothing of substance to say that will help Texas or our country.


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