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Reaching New Lows: The Pathetic Conservative Response to Obama Helping a Fainting Woman

Reaching New Lows: The Pathetic Conservative Response to Obama Helping a Fainting Woman

October 22, 2013 By

barack-obama-karmel-allisonI always love the joke that if President Obama rushed into a burning building to save a group of orphans, the far right and conservative media would find some way to attack him for his actions.
In other words, no matter what President Obama does—Republicans are going to criticize him for it.
Even when he catches a pregnant Type 1 diabetic woman who almost fainted during one of his speeches.
Instantly, some in the conservative media (and thousands of armchair pundits on youtube and twitter) were quick to call it staged.  The pathetic conspiracy theorist Alex “Everything Is A False Flag!” Jones’ website even had “video evidence” showing that the incident was “obviously” staged.
Just like he’s had “evidence” of every single one of his asinine conspiracy theories.  I would link his pathetic attempt to paint this as some kind of conspiracy, but I refuse to direct any traffic to that scumbag’s ridiculous website.
But the real story goes something like this…
Karmel Allison was brought to the speech by the president as someone who will benefit from the Affordable Care Act.  A woman who has spent most of her life on one healthcare plan (for fear of not being covered elsewhere due to her pre-existing condition), finally able to branch out and shop around for a lower premium thanks to “Obamacare” protecting people with pre-existing conditions from being discriminated against.
So the president helped a pregnant woman who was about to faint.  No big deal, right?  ”Good job Mr. President!”
Makes for a nice headline and we all move on.
Well, not if you’re some of the scumbags that comprise those on the right who refuse to believe that the whole thing wasn’t staged.
I’m not even sure if  have the words to properly respond to this kind of total ignorance.  I mean, I know they hate the president.  I know they’re going to oppose anything he might get credit for.  After all, these are the people who turned the killing of Osama bin Ladin into a, “Obama deserves no credit!” partisan debate instead of simply saying, “Finally, we got him!”
But no.  They managed to turn that night into a way to attack the president.  So it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that they’re attacking him for helping to catch a fainting woman during his speech.  Apparently they think it was some kind of stunt to—hell, who knows.  These people are  completely nuts.
The bottom line is, he got a little positive coverage from the media thrown his way and they simply want to try to bring him down for that.
But you know what I think the truth is?  You see it with cheaters and liars.  Cheaters and liars are often the first ones to accuse others of cheating and lying.  They direct what they are capable of on others and assume everyone is just like them.
So, when these far right lunatics believe President Obama is capable of such a pathetic stunt, I really think they believe it’s possible because they are capable of staging such a ridiculous political stunt.
Because the truth of the matter is, Republicans are masters of political stunts.  After all, this is the party that just shut down the government—for absolutely no reason.

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