Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Michele Bachmann compares health care law to crack and Obama to crack dealer

Michele Bachmann compares health care law to crack and Obama to crack dealer

Via Raw Story . By Travis Gettys

(Photo Credit: CNN)A Republican lawmaker and failed presidential candidate compared President Barack Obama to a crack dealer in an interview Monday about the health care reform law.
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) told World Net Daily that Obama and Democratic lawmakers refuse to negotiate over implementation of the Affordable Care Act because they want Americans to become more reliant on the federal government.
“I think the reason is because President Obama can’t wait to get Americans addicted to the crack cocaine of dependency on more government health care,” said Bachmann, who unsuccessfully ran for president in the 2012 Republican primaries.
House Republicans are threatening to force a government shutdown starting Tuesday if Senate Democrats won’t agree to their demands to defund or delay the plan, which has become known as Obamacare.
“Once they enroll millions of more individual Americans, it will be virtually impossible for us to pull these benefits back from people,” said Bachmann, who will not seek re-election next year. “All they want to do is buy love from people by giving them massive government subsidies.”
The House Ethics Committee announced over the summer that it had extended an ongoing review of Bachmann’s campaign finances.
The congresswoman said lawmakers must do whatever they can to stop or delay the law, which was upheld by the Supreme Court and goes into effect in many states starting Tuesday.
“If it means delaying it, rather than repealing it, I’m for it,” Bachmann said. “We have to do what we can do.”
She complained that the law’s proponents were simply “making it up as they go along” and predicted disaster if the law goes into effect.
“They’re trying to fly a plane they haven’t even built yet,” Bachmann said.


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