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HealthCare Mindset for the 21st century

HealthCare Mindset for the 21st century

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T R Lansdown

Universal Logic Mouthpiece

Imagine a world where profit from human sickness, ailments, and suffering, was unheard of. A world where your employer didn’t have a clue about your health, (other than he knows you show up everyday). A world where you or your employer didn’t have to pay absorbent fees to health insurance companies every month. A world where tax rates could be reduced by getting rid of  the health insurance industry. A world where medical minds make decisions, and not insurance providers.  A world that is oblivious to political pressures and focuses solely on medical agenda, not profit. A world where EVERYONE gets fixed without  profit. Can we adopt this  mindset?

Welcome to the Twilight Zone. (Or wait!)
     Lets explore this strange new mindset a little and see if there might be something too logical here for it to possibly be implemented.
     My logic says that a hundred years from now people will read in history, about how people back in the 20th century got so abused and taken advantage of when it came to healthcare. Profit was made because someone broke an arm, or had the flu, or got diabetes, or had to have a lung transplant. Or how big profit was made from disease like cancer. And the insurance companies swooped in with the medical industry to make a killing in profits, and bankrupt people along the way. They’ll see it was(is) the no. 1 reason for the flood of bankruptcies from that(this) era. What a poor mismanaged mess it was(is), all in the name of profit. What a sad unfair picture  it was(is). So what happened that changed(could) the crisis?
     A new Mindset was adopted. Simply: “WE  THE PEOPLE have evolved, here in the USA to the most powerful, richest,nation on the planet.  And we as citizens, can well afford and demand, the “healthiest” environment on the planet. Therefore it will be proclaimed: Healthcare will cease to be a profitable entity in our society. All humans are entitled, and should look forward to being healthy. No one isn’t valued. Rich or poor, Right or Left, ALL races, Hence: WE THE PEOPLE want all citizens healthy, and WE THE PEOPLE agree to fund our will, because we can”.
     Hold on. I can hear right-wing pundits and critics, with their  prescribed lines of rejection and denial. Just wait though! There is something in this for you, and I think even right wingers will greet and welcome the new Mindset.
     Lets start with the employer. This person simply had a concept or a vision and made it come true. Now they have a business because they want to make a profit. But they find out they have to get involved personally with their employees health. Pay a premium for their healthcare, hire a secretary to manage employee healthcare issues. And a number of issues that business owners shouldnt have to deal with, when after all,  all they started out, or wanted to do, was make a product, sell it, make a profit, and have a life. LETS TAKE THE COST OF HEALTHCARE OFF THE BACKS OF BUSINESS. (ALL)
     Now if we take the cost of healthcare off the backs of employers, that gives them 8-10% savings. That would be substantial monies for business to grow itself, and ween away from healthcare insurance  cost addiction and/or big government. If a business grows it has to hire new employees. And to sweeten that cake more, for every employee hired, a tax break can be procured. So far this plan is doing nothing but give incentive  to employers to grow their business, and get further tax cuts. Must sound good to all people, especially Republicans. One would assume, to get those “almighty” tax breaks, business everywhere, and of all sorts, will be on hiring frenzies. Long term (1-2yrs), this plan will eliminate unemployment. After that we will welcome Hispanic workers, and willingly want to pay them legal rates, and fair benefits. If business grows there’s more money for everyone. This is real “Trickle Down” economics. And this is a way to do that. More money means more spending means more/better economy.
     PEOPLE these problems are solved and gone, if we simply get the healthcare insurance companies off our backs. They are the enemy sucking up all the money, like massive mosquitos. Make a pie chart Republicans. The whole pie is all the money. Now take away the part the healthcare insurance companies get. And what do you have left? Yeah, about 65-70%. Why do you vote to protect this? Your daddy or grandpa would not have voted for this rip-off. They would promote you vote for LOGIC! Not lobbyist.
     Then how we gonna pay for this? WE are going to raise taxes on individuals and corporations. EVERYBODY pays.  And we are not going to lie about it. AND, you/we are going to see finally something for your money(taxes).
     Medicare, A program already in place, will be expanded to cover all citizens. Go to your same doctor, hospital, clinic. It all stays the same except, instead of purchased insurance, you will simply present an ID or SSN number. the billing part is between the doctor and medicare. No involvement with you,  your employer, and your insurance company.In a no profit system there is no need for the flood of paperwork, or involvement. And that bionic hip that cost $400 wholesale, and brings in 12k will cease. After the system is implemented, and profit ceases, huge savings will occur with OUR tax money.
      Doctors will still make the same pay they make now. And should welcome a system that they patrol themselves. As the medical industry will be run by medical graduates, and not college drop-outs who landed a job at an insurance company.(like it is now) This whole thing is about billing and paperwork. Why should you need to get involved? It’s not your Problem! Or your employers.  I have run this plan by many many people. Everyone loves the concept. Both political parties should agree to snap at this opportunity. And take credit for a win-win situation.
     Lets Review!
     1. Eliminate the concept of ‘Profit from Ailment’.-  Need for HealthCare Insurance ceases
     2. Take the cost of healthcare and related costs off the backs of employers. Let employers keep more of the money they devise.
     3. Give employers tax break for every new full-time employee.
     4. No Profit System solves unemployment within 2 years.
     5. Easy implementation. Expanding existing Medicare program to easily cover all.
     6. Create substantial savings  by eliminating profit margins.
     7. Doctors and medical persons run the No Profit System. Not insurance companies.
     The only party left out here is the Health Insurance Employees. As these companies are sure to reduce workforces drasticly, and some even folding. As hiring in all areas of the workforce commences due to the No Profit System, there should be no more inconveniences, (if not far less) than what we have had to witness the last few years regarding job displacement.
      Some want to call it socialized medicine. So be it. I call it: NO PROFIT SYSTEM. Lets do what we do, and are known for doing; Being the best in the world at whatever we endeavor to be. Lets take the no profit system, and make it the best healthcare system, with the best doctors, hospitals, equipment, and technology in the world. Lets show the world we are setting the pace and not lagging because of dark profit-laden outdated ways of the old Mindset. Lets upgrade to a new Mindset.
Healthcare Mindset for the 21st Century.

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