Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Because there was no Obamacare, my friend had to start cooking meth

On SNL Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul: Because there was no Obamacare, my friend had to start cooking meth

September 29, 2013

Last night’s Saturday Night Live’s skit involved ‘President Obama’ speaking in support of Obamacare with ordinary Americans explaining how the health care law will affect their lives.
An actor playing Ted Cruz said, “I do not like it in a box, I do not like you with a fox. I speak for the trees, who cannot speak for themselves. But if they could, they’d say Shut down the federal government!”
Aaron Paul, from AMC’s Breaking Bad spoke. “Hey, what’s up” he said. “I have this friend, you know, and he got sick. Cancer sick,” he said in reference to fellow actor Walter White on Breaking Bad. “But because there wasn’t Obamacare, he couldn’t afford the treatment. So he was like, backed into a corner.”
Obama said, “And keep in mind that this man was a teacher, a man with a family.”
Paul continued, “He was. So, he did what any of us would’ve done: he started cooking meth. And soon it wasn’t just meth, it was murder. And not regular murder you know, he blew half a guy’s face off.”
President Obama said, “I think we can wrap this up.” Paul was then led off stage and asked, “Wait, you don’t want to know what happened to my friend?”
A collective ‘NO!’ was given as his answer.

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