And even more on the further parade of lies:
At a San Diego conference in November 2010, then-Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels helped win over Scott Walker to the idea of repealing union bargaining for public workers, Walker writes in his forthcoming book.
"Our discussions proved to be a critical turning point in my thinking about how to address the budget crisis in Madison," Walker writes. "I wanted to hear everything (Daniels) had learned from his experience with collective bargaining in Indiana — how he did it, how his opponents responded, and what the results had been."
Really?  Folks may have forgotten that after the 2010 elections, he asked the Wisconsin State Legislature to not approve new contracts with state employee unions because Walker claimed he wanted to negotiate new contracts with the unions himself.  He got the vote he wanted by turning a Democrat (who later got rewarded with a Walker appointment to a well-paying state position) into a "no" vote.   There were NO negotiations, he simply "dropped the bomb" with Act 10 to destroy collective bargaining rights not just for state employees, but for every single public employee in Wisconsin (except for those unions that supported and endorsed Walker - he claims that was a "conincidence"). Of course, this is a foray from Walkers previous rationale for Act 10 (perhaps another lie):
His experience as Milwaukee County executive — when he repeatedly clashed with unions — was the "ultimate source" of Act 10, as the labor law is known, he writes. And he says he first considered ending or mostly ending collective bargaining the day after he was elected in 2010 and got a briefing on the condition of the state budget. Walker frames his changes to collective bargaining law as a way to end what he considers a "racket" and "scam." His plan to solve a $3 billion, two-year budget shortfall involved cutting aid to local governments but allowing them to recover costs by forcing government workers to pay more for benefits and tightly limiting collective bargaining.
Mike Tate, chairman of the state Democratic Party, sees a different aim in Act 10: an attempt to cripple his party's main source of support. Tate said Walker's book and recent national travels are part of a larger plan to reach the White House.
"This has never been about what's good for Wisconsin. It's about what's good for Scott Walker," Tate said.
As a member of one of those unions, I can relate that Walker was brutal.  We gave up pay raises for years in order to keep health insurance and pension benefits.  As a result, nurses who worked for Milwaukee County fell $5-7 per hour less than the private sector which made recruitment of nurses to fill vacant positions extremely difficult. The entire article is worth a read as numerous other mythologies in the book are discussed  Also read-worthy in its entirety is this one.
Walker claims he can't comment on the book until its official publication date.  Bwahahaha!  I'm sure he's going to use the time to come up with even more lies to cover up the lies that are being exposed prior to publication.  Or, perhaps, he's waiting for a call from God or pithy passage in his prayer book to show up to save him.
"Unintimidated:  A Governors Story and a Nations Challenge" is due out November 19.  It should be titled:
I Pooped My Pants When Protesters Surrounded the Capitol and Then I Lied a Lot
The folks who are REALLY unintimidated:  The Solidarity Singers.  If you would like to help them defend themselves against the hundreds of tickets they've received for the crime of singing in the Capitol, you can do so at this link.  Any amount will be much appreciated. .
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