Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tea Party Nation says Obama logo is really a swastika because they know stuff

Tea Party Nation says Obama logo is really a swastika because they know stuff

October 30, 2013
A terribly confused writer for Tea Party Nation, Darwin Rockantansky, is hallucinating swastikas where there are none. Darwin claims that the Obama campaign logo is a the “new American Swastika.”
He writes “According to the “design team” under the guidance of David Axelrod, the current regime’s iteration of Joseph Goebbels, “The Sun Rising over the horizon evoked a new sense of hope”. Really? Let’s take a closer look at this new American Swastika….”
Uh huh. Yes, let’s look at it.
ObamaSymbolSee, the logo is packed full of swastikas!

The Tea Party blogger continues,”My wife has always told me that I have a creative mind (she may be biased) and “Finding Elmo” was always about a thirty second exercise for me. But somehow, looking at this symbol of oppression I cannot see either a rising sun nor do I see a horizon.”
My friends at Pushing Rope report:

Rockantansky sees large firearms and Nebraska cornfield in the Obama campaign logo. Rockantansky then declares, “And as the National Socialists in Germany perverted what was historically a symbol meaning ‘this is good.” Actually, the swastika was a symbol for Thor’s hammer. Pagans who rejected Christianity wore the hammer symbol. The Germanic history of the swastika came from the Norse Gods. Rockantansky shouldn’t gives lectures about all that is good and racism. He admits, in another post, that he voted for white supremacist David Duke.
(my bold)

 And when he looks upon the American flag, I’ll bet he sees a GOP Bible verse.

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