Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ann Curry Could Leave NBC News Next Year

Ann Curry Could Leave NBC News Next Year

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People within NBC News expect that Ann Curry's current contract with the network will be her last, the Hollywood Reporter's Marisa Guthrie wrote on Wednesday.
Curry was handed her own reporting unit and a hefty paycheck when she was ousted from "Today" in 2012. Though she has gotten some major exclusives recently—such as her one-on-one interview with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani—she has been a relatively little-seen presence on NBC since she was taken off the morning show, and, with the cancellation of "Rock Center," there is not much room at the network for the kinds of long-form international reporting she seemed most inclined to pursue.
Guthrie wrote that "NBC News insiders do not expect Curry to stay at the division at the conclusion of her deal," which expires early in 2014.
Curry's departure might cause some headaches for NBC, but it would also bring a kind of closure to a painfully public soap opera that, in some senses, is still haunting the network. Curry has remained resolutely silent since her exit from "Today"; saying farewell could allow her to speak out and move on in a way she has not been able to while still at NBC.
What is far less clear is where she would go; Guthrie wrote that CBS News is not interested, for instance.

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