Saturday, December 14, 2013

Right Wing Preacher Threatens to Shoot Fans of Liberal Website (Video)

Right Wing Preacher Threatens to Shoot Fans of Liberal Website (Video)

Posted by: Bob Cull in TEApublicans in Action
December 12, 2013

Several months ago, Gordon Klingenschmitt, or as he prefers to be called, Dr. Chaps, a former navy chaplain forced to resign in disgrace, declared war on Right Wing Watch.  Although he has lost every battle with them (succeeding in having their Youtube account taken down briefly on several occasions on bogus copyright infringement grounds), he will not concede defeat.

In his latest salvo, he has accused Right Wing Watch of inciting their followers to threaten his life, saying he has obtained a concealed carry permit and that he will second amendment anyone who threatens him or his wife.

After reviewing the comments, it was apparent that none of them constituted an actual threat on Klingenschmitt’s life, but nevertheless it still prompted Dr.Chaps to threaten his own acts of violence:

    “Even though I’m a chaplain, even though I’m a noncombatant, that I’m a 20-year military veteran and I was a nuclear missile officer and I was the captain of my high school rifle team.  So, I did recently go down and I got my concealed carry permit.”

To show his deeply held Christian convictions after making his vow to go all second amendment on those who dislike him he concluded his threat by saying that after he has killed them, “I’ll pray for your soul. I pray that you go to heaven. Right?”

Watch his rant in the video from his “Pray in Jesus Name” show.

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  1. He shouldn't be allowed a license for a gun much less conceal carry. Where are the psych exams for owning a weapon of Christ destruction? Seems the KKKristers in the US are worse than the original Crusaders.