Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Herman Cain Feels Left Out By A White Republican Party (VIDEO)

Herman Cain Feels Left Out By A White Republican Party (VIDEO)

Author: December 11, 2013 12:27 am

GOP Teaches Herman Cain Who Is Boss - Photo by John Trainor

Herman Cain is feeling left behind by his party.

Herman Cain said the Republican Party has a branding problem.

“The RNC sent out a flyer to some of its members talking about potential 2016 presidential candidates. Do you know what they had in common? … ,” he said. “They were all white.” Where was Allen West. Where was Dr. Ben Carson. And have they ruled out the possibility that I might consider another run?”
None of this should surprise Herman Cain. If he kept his eyes open he would have seen that people like him, Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, and other minorities’ sole purpose is to be used as props. They generally have no power or say in the direction of the Republican Party.
Michael Steele found that out in no uncertain terms. Michael Steele was a knee jerk reaction to Democrats, Independents, and Progressive Republicans electing a black president. Under Michael Steele’s tutelage, the Republicans won big in 2010, not only nationally but throughout the states. For that big win he was summarily dismissed.

The contempt that many Republicans have for minorities and blacks specifically is generally not hidden.

For anyone believing that this GOP lack of sensitivity is an anomaly, one just needs to check out this Jon Stewart montage, this from Oklahoman Republican State Representative Dennis Johnson, this from GOP Senator Grassley, this from Texas Tea Party GOP Leader Ken Emanuelson , this from South Carolina state Rep. Kris Crawford (R), and this from Arkansas Republican State Senator Jason Rapart. There are many more but one gets the point.
The country needs two or more viable political parties to insure politicians will fight for the votes of everyone. Unfortunately the Republican Party is progressively marginalizing itself from minorities, women, and the thinking lower classes.
Minorities like Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Allen West, Michael Steele, and other minorities are a major problem. They allow themselves to be used as props to display a false inclusiveness by the GOP. By not speaking out in order to be accepted by the party, they are unable to change the party from within. As such, only an internal revolt, by those who the Republican Party have used for decades, would foment a rebirth can make the GOP viable again.
Watch the video for yourself here:

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