Tuesday, December 10, 2013

U.S. ‘Ruled’ by ‘Pharaoh’ Obama: Larry Klayman

U.S. ‘Ruled’ by ‘Pharaoh’ Obama: Larry Klayman

Larry Klayman at the “Reclaim America Now” Tea Party Rally, 11/19/2013 (Screenshot)

In a new article published by right-wing website WorldNetDaily, notorious Tea Party Islamophobe Larry Klayman continues his call for a second American Revolution aimed at deposing President Obama.
“We are ruled by someone who is in effect the pharaoh and at the least a Muslim at heart,” Klayman writes, “who disdains the Judeo-Christian heritage and foundations upon which our nation was forged and who has rung up extreme national debt and loathes capitalism, instead seeing it his ‘duty’ to redistribute wealth to ‘his’ people for years of their slavery.” Nelson Mandela’s success in helping to free South Africa from apartheid, Klayman goes on to suggest, should inspire Tea Partiers to similarly free America from “the choking despotic governmental slavery of Obama and his pliant Democratic and Republican minions in Congress and the judiciary.”
It’s doubtful that Klayman’s comparison of Tea Partiers to Nelson Mandela will be happily-received by his readers.  As we noted on Sunday, Tea Party Sen. Ted Cruz’s recent praise of the late South African president earned him the ire of his Facebook followers, who believe Mandela to have been a “communist,” a “terrorist,” and even “the Prince of Darkness.”
In November, Klayman organized a Tea Party rally near the White House which he referred to as a “mass demonstration.”  The rally reportedly drew less than 100 people (ouch) — and, of course, failed to accomplish its goal of attaining Obama’s resignation.  As Klayman describes it, “our grievances went unanswered by our illegitimate government usurpers, and now we must make good on our threats of non-violent, civil disobedience to attempt redress.”
Klayman’s article also announces his intention to organize a “Third Continental Congress” in Philadelphia — which, he says, will include “delegates” from all 50 states, and will seek to “plan the next steps of our Second American Revolution.”
You’re going to need more than 100 people, Larry.
H/T to People for the American Way

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