Thursday, December 12, 2013

Glenn Beck Makes Asinine Claim about Time Magazine Choosing Pope Francis as Person of the Year

Glenn Beck Makes Asinine Claim about Time Magazine Choosing Pope Francis as Person of the Year

December 12, 2013 By

1424299_10152091384312489_160325806_nAnd the attacks on Pope Francis just keep on coming.
Then again, following the news that Time magazine has chosen the Pope as their “Person of the Year,” you knew that was going to tick off quite a few Republicans.
This time it was Glenn Beck who went off on a rant about the audacity Time magazine showed with its selection of Pope Francis over someone like – Ted Cruz.
Yes, this buffoon really believes Ted Cruz deserved to be “Person of the Year.”  I mean, why not, right?  After all, his biggest accomplishment this year was staging a fake 21-hour filibuster and heading a government shutdown that accomplished absolutely nothing.  How “remarkable” of him.
Beck claimed the reason why Time didn’t choose Cruz is because they “didn’t want to give him any more power.”  I’ll be honest, I actually laughed when I read that part.  He also reminded his audience to, “Remember, progressives are fascist.  They are for fascism.”
But of course we are.  Then again, this is Glenn Beck we’re talking about.  He’s obsessed with fascism and Nazi Germany.  A good asinine rant from Mr. Beck wouldn’t be complete without some kind of reference to fascism.

What his rant basically says to me is that he’s fully embraced the belief that Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, is a full-fledged fascist.  Amazing, isn’t it?  All he has to do is point out that trickle-down economics does nothing but give more to the rich at the expense of everyone else and suddenly he’s a fascist.
It still makes me laugh that Pope Francis actually behaves more like an actual Christian — based on the teachings of Jesus Christ — than any other Pope in recent history, and it’s driving conservatives crazy.
Here’s a fun fact: Before trickle-down economics, and in decades such as the 50′s and 60′s when we had much higher taxes and stronger unions, we were still a nation based on capitalism.  Opposing massive tax breaks for the rich doesn’t equate to fascism.  Unless of course these people are insinuating that presidents like Eisenhower and Kennedy were fascists.
Then again, most of these fools who yell words like fascism, communism or socialism don’t even know what they mean.  They’ll happily drive on public roads – to a meeting to complain about how horrific all forms of socialism are.  Not understanding that those roads built by the government, paid for by tax dollars, are socialism in action. 
Glenn Beck is just another in a growing list of well-known conservatives who continue their attack on Pope Francis.  If they keep it up I can promise you this — it’s not going to turn out well for the Republican party.

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