Thursday, November 14, 2013

50 right-wing news sources that are infecting the American mind

50 right-wing news sources that are infecting the American mind

General atmosphere during the FOX News 'Hannity with Sean Hannity' 15th anniversary show at Olympic Centennial Park on October 6, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.Republicans often talk about the media's "liberal bias" when many of their claims aren't validated. Ever since Sarah Palin was thrust into the spotlight in 2008, cries of "lame stream media" have been heard echoing through the ear drums of registered voters. Whether it's NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC or any other "main stream" news outlet, the right-wing are often quick to attack, claiming bias against conservatives and the Republican agenda.
While one major news channel, MSNBC, promotes a more progressive message during their prime time line-up, they promote themselves as liberal, tagging themselves with the slogan "lean forward." Other news channels, such as CNN, have actually taken steps to the right of the political spectrum in an attempt to capitalize on Fox News' ratings success.
Despite claims of media bias, the number one rated news channel is Fox News, the loudest voice for conservatism in the country. Even outside television, conservative media is often easily found. The overwhelming majority of talk radio is dominated by right-wing voices. Earlier this year, "Talkers" magazine released their annual "Heavy Hundred" list of the 100 most important radio show hosts in the country. Out of the top ten, only three would be described as "liberal" or "progressive," with the remaining being far right conservatives or libertarian. The rest of the list is similar to the top 10 as conservative talk shows heavily outnumber their liberal counter parts.
The internet is also a viable place to promote your political agenda. Conservative blogs and websites have popped up at a record number over the last few years and don't look to be slowing down any time soon.
While there are liberal talk shows and blogs, the conservative claim that the entire media has a bias favoring liberals is just false. The list below is simply a counter to that claim and, in no particular order, is a list of 50 of the worst places you could go to get your news and information.
1. Fox News
2. The Rush Limbaugh Show
3. Glenn Beck
4. Savage Nation w/ Michael Savage
5. Alex Jones' Info Wars
6. The Heritage Foundation
7. The Wall Street Journal Op-Ed
8. The Neal Boortz Radio Show
9. Sean Hannity
10. Bill O'Reilly
12. National Review
13. The Mark Levin Show
14. The Weekly Standard
15. Washington Times
16. The American Conservative
17. The Drudge Report
18. The Cato Institute
19. Media Research Center
21. Red State
22. Andew Breitbart's Big Government
23. The American Cause
24. Christian Coalition
25. The John Birch Society
26. Citizens United
27. Freedom Works
28. Tea Party Express
29. Tea Party Patriots
30. The Herman Cain Show
31. News Busters
32. News Max
33. The New York Post
34. Conservative HQ
35. Sirius radio "Patriot"
36. Conservative American News
37. Conservative Daily News
38. Judicial Watch
39. The Source Daily
40. Republican National Committee
41. American Spectator
42. Reason Magazine
43. Freedom Rings Radio hosted by Kenneth
44. Conservapedia
45. The Right Side of the Web
46. CNS News
47. Michael Reagan
48. Family Research Council
49. Conservative Underground
50. The Hugh Hewitt Show


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  1. Pull the billionaire backing, and how many of these "news" outlets would collapse?